“Summertime Sharing” Analysis

Rachel Griffin

This picture shows Danitra.
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Explain the theme of the poem and how the author developed the theme.

The theme of this poem is to cherish the ones that you love. The author helped develop the theme by the speaker in the poem buying her friend a Popsicle and since they shared that moment together it made that moment more memorable.

Identify and explain the effect of every poetic device included in the poem.

There is alliteration used in the poem when it says, ”fast feet”. The effect of the use of alliteration in the poem is that we can “hear” her running to the ice cream man, through the repetition of the f sound. There is a hyperbole located in the poem and it is, “Me and my fast feet are there and back in just two shakes.”. This hyperbole exaggerates how long it took her to get the Popsicle for her friend. The hyperbole was used in the poem to show the reader that she was fast and came back with the Popsicle extremely quickly.

Explain the speaker and his/her/its attitude toward the subject.

I think the speaker's attitude in the poem is caring because when her friend, Danitra, wanted something from the ice cream man, the speaker spent her money to buy her find a Popsicle.

The colors/images that I used on this Smore reflects the mood of the poem because the mood of the poem was calm and happy and the background color and images are light and happy (blue and the colorful background).