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  • The blue stripes represent the clouds of Greek and the white ones the clouds. (Greece)

Brief history

Home of the Olympics. The first Olympics took place around 776 BC The capital is Athens. Around 400 BC Athens was really popular and very wealthy. Many people from overseas came since it was the attraction of government, art science and dramas. Two years prior of Philip's death he had accomplished to conquer Greece in 338 BC. His son followed his dad’s track and he managed to conquer the Middle East But later on was taken in as part of the Roman Empire. ("Greece." )

Personal Appearance

Greeks dress mainly by Western European fashions. Most young people dress very fashionable. Many females wear dresses while older women wear scarves around their heads.("Greece." )
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The majority eat Lamb, fish Olives and cheese. They use many fresh ingredients. With their main dishes they put olive oil, lemon juice and tomatoes. Salads are included along with meals. ("Greece." Culture)
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*Parliamentary Republic- The president rules over a state and is chosen by parliament to serve for 5 years and may also serve a second term. The prime minister is the head of government. In order for the president to appoint a prime minister parliament must accept him/her by a majority vote. Not many women are in the cabinet of the government. Local government is elected by popular vote ("Greece." )

*basic economy- In 2009 Greece received big loans and reduced spending to $50 billion that would be in the U.S ("Greece." )

Tourist Attractions

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About the size U.S state Alabama. Many mountains are covering Greece, it also has the highest point of elevation of 9,570 feet. Earthquakes occur and are sometimes severe. Various of Islands are among Greece. The temperatures are warm and in the winter it is usually mild and wet and in the summers it is hot and dry. ("Greece." )
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Past Issues

In the year of 2007 many wildfires out broke during that summer. 5% of that country got destroyed due to the fires. In 2004 at the summer Olympics many offenses for drugs were committed. (Nichols, Terri)

The capital of Greece (Athens)

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