Beecher Feature

Volume 10 - Media Center #Makerspace!

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Let's make something!

Thanks to grant funds from the Indiana Community Foundation, our DC media center has added some fun items to the "tinker" area - now students who love to make something with their hands with less technology may do just that!

The #Makerspace materials include lots of fun items our kids may use to get creative for a personal project or a class project!

  • Paint markers, regular markers, and crayons
  • Tape and glue
  • Rulers
  • Brads, paper clips, binder clips, etc.
  • Yarn (did you know that we have kids who love to crochet and knit?)
  • Origami paper with how-to books
  • Colorful duct tape with how-to project books
  • Craft sticks (think tongue depressors!)
  • Scissors (straight edge and decorative edges)
  • More items may be added!

Many students are diving in.....

Wait! There's More!

Activities that meet curricular needs....(Pssst...hey science folks)

We've adding other interesting items that go beyond crafty creativity! Teachers can design activities that incorporate an introduction (and beyond) to circuitry. Newly added items include:

  • Conductive paint
  • Conductive copper tape
  • Conductive paper(thank you Mr. Berg!)
  • Circuit Scribe kit
  • LED lights
  • Hobby motors
  • Craft circuit color lights

Yes, we still have our "tinker" areas too!

The "tinker" (more technology driven) areas are still here and we love it when students use them. Cubelets, Raspberry Pi, and Scribbler Robots are a great way for students to learn about coding, and robotics. The 3D printers are available when kids want to learn more about 3D printing, creating innovative products using technology of the 21st century. Teachers are welcome to explore activity ideas, and we love working with students who wish to do independent projects! Tell a friend!

So don't be a stranger!

Come visit! We would love to show our staff and students the newly revamped Makerspace area, and discuss how we can incorporate the activities into your curriculum. Students are welcome to come explore, make, tinker, experiment, innovate, try, fail, and try again! Let's encourage our students to think outside the box!