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As your Instructional Coach, my role involves partnering with you, the teachers, to provide instructional support in various ways. On any given day you might find me doing any of the following:

  • The Impact Cycle: Partnering with teachers in high-impact planning toward the achievement of student focused goals. This may include providing instructional assistance by gathering data, modeling teaching strategies, observing instruction, providing feedback, etc.
  • Planning, delivering and supporting professional learning for our site and district
  • Helping gather materials and resources to support instruction.
  • Assisting teachers with assessment and data-related activities, such as data collection/analysis and examination of student work.
  • Designing active teaching and learning strategies to improve student performance.
  • Meeting with teams for vertical planning, collaboration, PLC, etc.
  • Assisting with classroom management strategies
  • Participating in a collaborative team with district curriculum specialists and other members of the Teaching and Learning Department.
  • Professional Growth: Studying and researching current best practices in all areas of instruction
  • Meeting regularly with principal and Instructional Coaching Learning Team.
  • Performing other duties assigned by supervisor or principal.

Schoology Tidbits - One item per week you might want to use


You can assess by standard? Watch the 2 minute video below to learn how to add Indiana standards to homework tasks and individual questions on tests and quizzes. Once you've done this, you can see how each student is doing on each standard (see image below video) and which things you need to work on based on that data.
Align Standards
Big picture

BreakOut EDU

Virtual escape rooms for your content!

If you like the idea of an escape room to use in your content area, you might like to try our the digital format of Breakout Edu. There is an elementary - but fun! - sample below for you to try.

BETTER YET, there are tons of content specific games available for your class. If you want to check some out, join my class with the access code QGCAT9. I have pulled Quadratic Quandry, Unrest in the Colonies, Cell Soccer. A Night at the Civil War Museum, and Unlock the Written Word at the New York Times Building to give you a sampling.

Paraprofessionals in the Classroom

What do I have him/her do?

How can your teacher's aide do more than just take notes in your classroom? Make the time to talk with your assistant about what you want her to do in your class? Let her know that circulating the room is helpful (or not) at certain times. Tell her how you want help given on homework (i.e. asking questions instead of indicating answers).

Often, we assume that paras instinctively know what we want but remember that they go to many teachers in a day and may be unsure of what YOU expect and encourage.

If you want help with this conversation, reach out to me for help.

Ironic App

Some of you might want to look into the app linked below. Ironically, students use their phones to help them stay OFF of their phones! There is a video on this site that shows you how you can set up incentives and how some local businesses may also be involved to help. Check it out! If you try it with a class, please let me know how it goes.

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