No Teacher Left Behind

Teacher seminars on teaching strategies and techniques

Stay up to date on the ever changing world of teaching.

As teachers we need to be ready for the changing world around us. As technology and our society advances we will see changes in state standards, teaching strategies, and classrooms. In order to be kept from being left behind, teachers should attend meetings or seminars that help keep teachers up to date on the things changing in the learning world. These seminars start by teaching the new Common Core Standards to teachers and how to execute them properly. We want you to know the most effective ways to develop curriculum for your classrooms. Teachers also need to be familiar with the new and constantly changing technology that continues to be integrated in the classroom.

Every Monday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Each week we will address a different topic of interest in which teachers can improve and enhance their skills, curriculum, and classrooms.

Some of our main topics

How do I integrate Common Core Standards into my classroom? How can I meet the diverse needs of my students? What new technology will be introduced in classrooms?

No Teacher Left Behind

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