Maxwell/Ciesielski's 2nd grade

September 6 - September 16

Mi Familia (My Family)

Our story celebrates families! We will be stretching this story over the course of 9 days. Our tests (grammar, comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, and phonics) over this story will be on Friday, September 16.

Our Learning Goals:

I can compare and contrast two stories.

I can read and spell short vowel words with short o, u and e in them.

I can write a friendly letter.

I can understand simple sentences.

I can use a glossary to define vocabulary words.

Spelling Words:

wet, job, hug, rest, spot, mud, left, help, plum, nut, net, hot, get, not, lunch, spend

Vocabulary Words: spend, stuck, visit, cousin, piano, remembered, porch, crown

Math Unit 1 Numbers and Routines

We are finishing up our first unit in Pearson. Our unit test will be on Thursday, September 15. Our learning goals for this unit are:

I can use a variety of strategies to add and subtract.

I can solve addition and subtraction word problems.

I can construct an argument to show my thinking about math.