A short presentation of me

Christine Lillelund Nielsen

Two places I have to visit:


I have to visit Greenland in my life. The nature is so different and fascinating, which I think is very charming. In Greenland, I think, you can feel the fresh air and the stillness, and just enjoy yourself and the indescribable nature. And who knows what tomorrow brings? Maybe Greenland and the nature are gone? Therefore I have to experience it!


I would also like to visit Australia in my life. Especially because I have heard so much good about the big country. In Australia the nature and the climate are also very different in proportion to here in Denmark. And I have never experienced anything like Australia. Maybe I go to Australia next time I travel? I hope so.


The job in my dreams:

I would like to have my own hotel in Austria. And when I don't work at my lovely hotel, I'm skiing. I love skiing! I am sure that my friends and family would visit me in Austria. The very idea of this job make me happy.


3 things about me, I would like to share with you:

Continuation school

Last year I was on Elbæk continuation school. I had the best time in my whole life! And now I got a lot of irreplaceable memories and friends, but I still miss it more than I can express.


I have played basketball for eight years now. And right now I am playing for Odder Gymnasium. My height is definitely an advantage - but low girls can absolutely also play basketball. I love the mood when you play a match, I love to compete and I love to forget everything else.

Me and my father

I'm the spitting image of my father - almost. Me and my father have so much in common. I'm a girl, he's a man, and that is almost the only thing we don't have in common. So yes, I'm daddy's little girl.


Before I kick the bucket: