December DSART

District Student Assistant Review Team

Meeting right around the corner... December 17th at 9:30

We will have our last DSART meeting for 2014 next week. Agenda items...

1. Unwrapping RtI

2. "Present"-ing PBMAS

3. Questions and Concerns

Prior to our meeting, please think about the following...

Our monthly meeting is a time to review the RtI Framework/Process. As we meet this time, please think about....

1. Has the campus been provided with enough professional development/information about our RtI Framework/Process?

2. What are some ways that we can share information about RtI to the teachers?

3. What additional training do you feel needs to be shared with the DSART team to help develop a clear understanding of RtI?

I hope that you each have a joyful & relaxing holiday break!