Park Layne Elementary Monthly News

January 2019

Welcome to Our Digital Newsletter

Our digital newsletter contains lots of links and information we hope will make it easier for our families to stay in touch with what's going on at Park Layne Elementary. Please be sure you are getting our Remind text messages with building wide information. If you are not, please contact Mrs. Strader at 845-4470 or via email at We would welcome any feedback on the newsletter as well.

PLE Continues to Implement PAX

By now, we hope every Park Layne Elementary has heard of PAX or the PAX Good Behavior Game. We began implementing this system this fall and through the help of our PAX partners through Wellspring of Springfield, we have continued to add more parts or kernels throughout the year. If you’d like to learn more about the strong research behind the program follow this link.

At this point all students know what a PAX leader looks like, and they can tell you what those expectations are in each part of the building Students are given several opportunities a day to play a PAX game during a regular part of the day. If students follow the rules, are PAX leaders and don't have more than three "spleems" (any behavior that isn't PAX), they will earn a Granny's Wacky Prize. "What's a Granny's Wacky Prize?" you may be asking. It's simply a fun little activity that students get to do for anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. The sillier the activity, the more kids like it. They may gets to act like a monkey, or dance the boogie woogie or giggle as much as possible for 30 seconds. These activities are highly motivating and help students learn to regulate their own behavior.

For most classes another part or kernel of the PAX program has been more recently introduced, Tootles! Tootles are the opposite of a tattle. Instead of telling on someone with a tattle, give someone a positive tootle instead. Kids can verbally give a tootle, but it's even nicer sometimes to get a handwritten tootle. Kids and adults can write a tootle to anyone and let them know what they like about that person, or thank someone for a kind act or hard work. Talk about a culture builder!

Please use PAX at home. Explain to students the behaviors you expect before beginning an activity or going into a store or to an event. Ask your kid(s) what they'd like to see more of or do more of at home. It may surprise you what they really want from us. Tootle your child or your child's teacher. Talk to your kids about being a PAX leader and expect them to be PAX leaders at home too. Feel free to contact your child's teacher or Mrs. Strader with any questions about PAX.

Students and teachers pictured at left, presented the PAX Good Behavior Game at a Board Meeting earlier this year. They did a great job and our board members and central office administrators were quite impressed.

PTO - Brings Science Day to Park Layne Elementary

Tecumseh Local Elementary Schools are so fortunate to have a wonderful PTO that is so supportive of our students and staff. PTO decided this year that in addition to paying transportation costs for all elementary students to go on a field trip, they would also pay for an "in school field trip". The idea was to give students the opportunity to do something more hands on than a typical assembly. Well, we found a perfect fit for our Park Layne Students.

Mister C from PBS Kids, wowed students in a whole school assembly as he conducted several experiments and taught students about air movement, carbon dioxide and more. He invited first grader Asher to help him inflate a balloon with carbon dioxide created by combining vinegar and baking soda. He used the power of air to shoot ping pong balls, knock down a pyramid of cups, cover Mrs. Strader in toilet paper and more. Click here for more photos and videos from our day and click here to see Mister C.'s YouTube Channel.

Mister C also talked to the students about being engineers and how scientists and engineers must try things, test, fix and try again. All students had the chance to return to the gym in smaller groups and spend 40 minutes building a sailboat using paper, card stock, cups, tape, paper clips, straws and craft sticks and then test their sailboats in a stream of air on the gym floor. It was great watching students build and test and rebuild, over and over again. Students were fully engaged and persistent in their task. We hope to give students more opportunities like this in the future.

A huge thank you to our PTO for paying for this amazing experience and to all the volunteers who made the day possible.

Our next PTO meeting is Monday, February 4 at 7 pm in the library at Tecumseh Middle School. We really hope to see many of you there. PTO is such a great way to get involved in your child's school, meet other parents and learn more about our schools. PTO officers are President Jordan Rose, Vice President Emmi Bilbrey, Treasurer Missy Carnes and Secretary Mandy Wills. Sign up for Remind alerts for PTO by following this link. Check out the PTO Facebook page for updates as well.

Boxtop Winners

Our Boxtop Collection Contest is going great. Each month the winning class is recognized on our announcements and have their picture placed on the Tecumseh Facebook page. So far this year we have collected 10,385 Boxtops bringing in $1,038.50! This money is used to support things like assemblies, PBS Rewards, Welcome to Kindergarten Night and more. Please continue to help by saving those Boxtops and sending them in the first Friday of each month. Ask friends, relatives and neighbors to save as well.

Morning Announcements on YouTube - Live and Recorded

Click the link to get to our YouTube page where you can search a date and see our annoucements. Remember, kids are featured on the announcement for their birthday, when they are Hot Ticket Winners and kids also serve as announcers of the lunch menu and weather. We had to create a new YouTube channel when we began using Google Hangouts to record our announcements. We do our announcements each day at 8:40 am. You can watch them live by going to our channel a few minutes before and searching the date. (i.e. 3.4.18)

We Need Your Help - If you are cleaning out, consider donating to Park Layne Elementary

We are asking for donations of the following items:

  • Extra Clothes for Kids Who Have Accidents at School. Sweatpants are best but any long pants - boys and girls - Sizes 4 - 10
  • New Underwear and Socks in a variety of sizes for students who have accidents.
  • Items for Dressing Kids for the 100th Day of School - We keep extra costumes for our Fall Parade so thought we could do the same for the 100th Day for kids who forget. If you have any of the following you could donate, that would be great; old eye glasses we can pop the lenses out of, costume jewelry like pearls, sweaters for girls, suspenders or ties for boys, etc.

Sensory Path Installed

We are excited about our new Sensory Path that was installed right before Christmas. Tracey Cooper and Toni Cockerham, two therapists who work in Tecumseh Local buildings, worked together to install the path that was designed by Toni with input from other therapists and created by her husband through his company Western Ohio Graphics. A sensory path is a structured, sequence of motor tasks designed to help students refocus their mind and body so that they can be ready to learn. Each activity in the path has a specific therapeutic benefit. To read more about our Ocean Sensory Walk, click here.

The path is located in our main hallway outside the library and office areas. Students can use the path anytime their teacher feels they need a break or to develop a particular skill. All students in the building have been trained on how to do the activities correctly for maximum benefit and we've seen improvement in some students already.

Upcoming Events

January 25 - 100th Day of School - Kids should dress as if they were 100 years old

February 1 - Boxtop Collection Day and PBS Reward - Crazy Dance Party

February 8 - 14 Book Fair at all Elementary Buildings

February 11 and 13 - Conference by Appt.

February 15 - No School, Conference Exchange Day

February 18 - No School, President's Day

February 25 - March 1 - Read Across America Week to celebrate reading and Dr. Seuss's Birthday