Now Connecting Parents & Ideas through a User-Friendly Site is a simple, user-friendly site that’s connecting parents with some great ideas and tips, taking the guess-work out of planning everyday activities and special events.

U.S.A. April 20, 2015 — provides a list of practical tips and ideas for parents looking for that little bit of extra help. Whether they’re looking for a quick-dinner idea, tips on saving, or a name for their next little bundle of joy, has complied a comprehensive list of ideas and information that will help any mother or parent with their daily plans.

When visiting their site, users will find it incredibly simple to search what they’re looking for. The site isn’t bogged down by confusing navigation or unnecessary information, and the layout makes it easy to quickly find what you’re looking for. It’s like an online menu where one only needs to scan through the headings and click on the information that interests them. Once you’re there, users will find that they can quickly scan through their content in an easy-to-read format, pulling out the information that they need now. It’s the perfect companion site for busy parents to find that little bit of extra help in a short amount of time.

Busy parents don’t need to worry about where to find their next family meal, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a frozen packaged meal either. They have a full menu of tried-and-true healthy crockpot meals families will love. The best part is, you can throw all of the ingredients in the crockpot or slow cooker the night before or even in the morning, and when everyone arrives home after a long day, the house will be filled with that nice aroma of a home-cooked meal that will have your family salivating for their dinner. To view their selection of crockpot and slow cooker meals, visit:

Expectant parents who can’t decide on what to name their first or next child will find some great name ideas here on their site: They have a consolidated list of the top 100 baby names and have broken that list down into categories. Whether you’re looking for ideas on what to name your twins, or you’re looking for unique name ideas, even for popular vintage names, they’ve assembled the most popular names from each category into one place to help you find the perfect name for your baby. has definitely thought of everything. Their site is the go-to spot for busy parents looking for ideas on everything from planning themed birthday parties to crafts and puzzles for the kids. They even have ideas on how to save money and how to keep your busy family life organized. Visit them at