The House of the Scorpion

By: Nancy Farmer

380 pages

He was not born; he was harvested.

The Summary

Matteo Alacran, was not your average child, because he was not a child, but a clone. He was a clone for Matteo Alacran (El Patron), the powerful drug lord of the country Opium. When Matt was a little boy, he was taken care of by a servant at the Alacran Estate, named Celia. No one really loves Matt, as much as El Patron. El Patron loves Matt as if he were him, because Matt is himself.
While growing older, Matt is threatened and treated terribly by a large number of people. Everyone at the Alacran Estate think he is a monster, and so do a large number of other people as well. As Matt journeys out to escape the horrid people of the Alacran Estate, he ends up on a plankton farm and finds friendship there. But before he leaves Matt also realizes that El Patron does not only love him because he is him, but for another reason as well.Will Matt find out before its to late or will he find out and escape before trouble strikes.

point of view and theme

The point of view in this novel is in third person.

The theme of this novel is about friendship, differences, and survival.
The theme is found in real life, because you need friends that can help you and guide you throughout life. If you don't have friendship you don't have friends or help. The world is different, because you are you and I am me. Without differences in the world everything will be the same and what's a world when everyone's the same. Survival happens everyday. You need survival in order to survive in this world.