October 9, 2015

2nd Six Weeks

This six weeks we will be doing our "Data Days"....or "Daze"?? Again, those days are October 22nd and 23rd. Our kids will take tested area tests on those days. If we could take one for every core subject (both grades), we most certainly would. This would simply take too long.

However, I think that week should primarily be used for data. I am telling kids that we have chosen certain tests for Thursday and Friday, and that they may be taking other data tests in their classrooms. This is to not minimize or maximize the importance of any area or test. I don't discuss those things because they need to pass every test and give their highest effort on every test. We don't talk about what you have to pass or fail to get to the next grade.

If I taught a core subject, but wasn't tested, I would use Tuesday and Wednesday of that week to give them a mini-STAAR. This is entirely up to you. Any elective that wants to use some of that time for testing, feel free. I want to reiterate that these tests are not for grades but for data. Our kids being at 40% right now might be exceptional - but it will not look like it as a grade. If it were me, I would give participation grades for taking these tests. As we spend time gathering data to drive our instruction, we don't want it to feel like we are punishing kids. These grades, as well as STAAR, are not on a 0-100 scale, so we will not make a practice of treating these attempts as if they are on that scale.

“Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones.” - Winston Churchill

I've heard that the hardest thing for a boxer to do is get up from a knockdown when they know there is no way they can win. Sometimes, as a teacher, that may mean getting out of bed in the morning. There are times when we may feel like we can't win - like we can't make a difference - like the kids aren't listening to us - like our hill is too steep to climb. We can all choose to believe that none of us are given a hill too steep to climb. The hill that got put in our way was chosen specifically for us. Steps are small things, but each one matters. Y'all keep stepping.

Next Week......

Monday: Tennis Vs. 'Hachie

Tuesday: "Heroes" Day, 7th Football vs. Wills Point

Thursday: "Nerds Day".....Melton @ Region 10

Friday: Black & Gold Day


Morrow, Reed, Nucci: our halftimes and pep rallies have been incredible!

Tammy Jones, Mr. Guerrero, Ms. Wren: for surviving "Full Contact Thursday" in the Life Skills room....I may have to stop sending out the boxing videos.....That was like "Thrilla" in Room 133.

Upcoming Dates.....

Pink Out Week: October 19th-23rd

October 20th: Black Out Day

October 22nd: Pink Out Day/First Data Day/Carnival Afternoon, etc.

October 23rd: Black and Gold Day/Day 2 Data Day/ Afternoon of Rest

$5 for teachers to wear jeans the entire to go toward our Pink Out fundraiser.

Louis-Schmeling II

This was the original fight of the century. Schmeling knocked out Louis in the previous year and handed him his first loss. Joe had not trained much or taken the first fight very seriously.

Germany began to parade Schmeling around as proof that Germans were superior. This fight had a ton of political ramifications and came about a year before Hitler invaded Poland.....77 years ago. Louis and Schmeling would later become great friends and Schmeling spoke out against Nazism. Joe Louis became an American legend. This is the antithesis of the "Thrilla" fight - very, very short.

Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling - 1st Round Knockout