Large Animal Veterinarian

By Ellie Toothaker

What Would I Do?

Diagnose diseases, and other sicknesses in large animals and treat the illness. The large animals include farm animals, and zoo animals. You get to travel to the homes of the animals on call.

How Would I Help Others?

Large Animal Veterinarians help zoos thrive, and keep animals used for food healthy. You might also doctor a large pet, like a horse. The possibilities are endless.

Job Requirements, And Skills

A Bachelor Degree, four years of Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine are the required schooling. To do this job, manual dexterity is needed and then you need to check out your personality. Patience is needed, and you need to be able to get along with the owners, and a love of animals is required.

Financial Side

The average salary is $82,900 per year, the projected job growth is 21% or more which means that it will be in high demand when this generation grows up. There are not really companies that hire in this field because most people work for themselves in private practices.