About Dasiy

Dasiy is considered a beauty in the book. She is the apex of sociability. Her upbringing in Louisville which has conditioned her to a particular lifestyle, which Tom, her husband, is able to provide her. She draws the attention from men, especially Gatsby, with her delicate nature and passionate voice. She is the object of Gatsby's desire, for good or ill, and represents women of an elite social class.


  • Daisy is The Great Gatsby's most enigmatic.
  • Daisy is merely a selfish, shallow, and in fact, hurtful, woman.
  • Daisy's character with associations of light, purity, and innocence, when all is said and done, she is the opposite from what she presents herself to be.
  • Daisy is trapped in a patriarchal society dominated by men, as women in Europe an then America have been for centuries.
  • Daisy represents the paragon of perfection