Leonardo Da vinci


Leonardo was Born on the 15th of April 1452 in Vinci Italy where he
Spent most of his years in Florence and milan taking jobs from from someone as high as the duke to a simple man or women wanting a portrait done.

Leonardo was Home schooled and had a large intrest in many thing but what he mainly Took notice in studying Euclid, science, and painting. Leonardo made his living mostly off of his artistic skill and his more then capable ability in inventing new things for military.

Life Style

In leonardo's time he was Young and educated, his career was full of many jobs depending on who took him in for a job his most common jobs where as a Painter, engineer, scientist, and architect. Leonardo was always doing something for someone and at good quality going from city to city.


Leonardo painted in a Realist paint style, He painted the world as he saw it never making it to good or unreal a human looked like a human and not god nothing was ever to bright or to dark it looked like the world around you

  • Leonardo was also an Inventor he invented new war machines for the duke like a flying bomber or a tank, or just for simple solutions in your every day life.


  • Cesare Borgia
Had leonardo as a military architect and engineer
  • Giuliano De Medici
Kept leonardo as a painter and architect
  • The Duke
Used leonardo for his high skill in architect and painting to pull of some of the most complicated and elaborate paintings, the duke also used leonardo's engineer skills to produce new war machines that could fly and much more
  • Isabella D'este had leonardo paint the portrait the "noble women"


  • Leonardo had a vast education in many jobs but painting is his most known career
  • Mona Lisa

  • The last supper
Represents jesus and his followers as they spend their last night with jesus before he is hung on the cross
  • Vitruvian Man
Named after Vitruvius, it is a man in two "superimposed" positions within a square and circle.
  • Lady with an Ermine
Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani and is one of the only 4 female portraits created by leonardo de Vinci
  • Self-Portriat in red chalk
Drawn around 1512 when Leonardo was 60 not truly believed to be the artist him-self

Mona Lisa

Created 1503-1506

Located in the Du Louvre museum

This piece is Significant because the quality and style behind it is unlike most in its time this piece resembles a perfect human down to every detail he used unknown techniques at the time to perfect the multiple details in the painting.

In my opinion this piece takes the person for who they really are not making them look like a good, but rather like the common person at the time wearing normal clothes. The colors used match the person in the picture making it more realistic, the detail in the picture goes right down to the stitching on her clothing and the hair strings on her head.

This piece represents humanism from its vast resemblement of the average human at the time looking like a normal person and not doing something godly or being fed by birds or in the clouds but in a normal land skype in a normal pose.

This piece is most interesting to me cause i’ve heard much about it but never really searched or anything so when i searched it online i was surprised at how detailed it in every aspect of humans at the time and also very impressed with how the colors matched the mood of the women to make it come more alive.



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