Hayden Reeder

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

airfare cost and schedule

I am flying to Dubai from Denver, I will take 1 stop in Washington DC (IAD) get on my connecting flight and go the rest of my way to Dubai. I am flying first class on united airlines and for two adults the price is going to be $33332. When we landed we had to go through customs which was kind of a pain but I cant wait untill I get to the best part of my trip.



I will be staying in the Atlantis the Palm. It is a five star hotel that is wonderful inside and out! The pool is great but there waterslides and terrific. For example, in one of the slides you go under water and go through a shark tank. Next, there dinning is great. The dinning rooms are fabulous but the food is even better! The beach is perfect, the soft sliky sand and the crystal blue water lights up the back side of the hotel. Especially on days when there is no clouds!



There are so many fun activites to do in Dubai. I have picked the ones that look the coolest. First, you can go to the one and only indoor ski/snowboard. Next, you can play on the worlds tallest tennis court. Or you can go in the one and only underwater slide at the resort

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

A problem that I have is the money. In the United Arab Emirates they use a currency called dirhams. Also I'm not sure how much 1 u.s. dollar is in their currency

A way that I am going to fix this problem is by using a credit card so I don't have to worry about the currency for my whole trip and only have to hold one object.



In the end, Dubai was a magnificent place to visit. My flight was comfortable the whole way through and I landed safly and I got private transportation to my hotel. When I got to my hotel I was speechless, all the people on the resort were friendly and respectful. When I left the resort to go snowboard indoors I was a little scared at first but then I started sredding like I do back at home in colorado. Then, when I went on the worlds tallest tennis court I almost pooped my pants because it was so tall! I returned to the resort after a long hot day and put my swin suit on so I could go in the huge slide and pool. My trip was so fun and I want to go to another exotic place soon.