The Trial of Emily Sutton

By Maggie Langston

First Stage of Trial

Emily Sutton was arrested on Saturday July 5th after breaking and entering a house neighboring to her own home. Many items were stolen, yet luckely the police got a call just in time to stop her before she could get away. The witness that called the police the night of the crime is to be present on Suttons court date. 

Second Stage of Trial

The crime done was labeled a felony. Sutton will present her case to the Grand Jury. The case becomes indictment, therefore full trial will take place. Sutton is notified of indictment and decides if a public defender is needed. An arraignment takes place before the court.

Third Stage of Trial

During a pre-trial conference, the possible plea bargaining is discussed. Petit jury was selected and witnesses are summoned to court. Some of Suttons witnesses were subpoenaed to court. The defendent presented it's case to the jury and judge. Witnesses that spoke swore to not commit perjury.

End of Trial

After trial affairs were handled, it was time to reach a verdict in the court. Sutton was found convicted of the felony and the judge gave her sentence. An appeal was not mentioned. The amount for bail hasn't been released yet. Sutton regrets her decision of the crime she made and is taking her jail time as a huge learning experience.