Daily Weekly

Jonas Dallon Lassiter


(June, 6th, 1944, Omaha Beach)

This day, known as D-Day marks a day in history which should never be forgotten. In the instances of firing rounds, blood soaked sands, and men screaming in agony, one can only wonder what their condition will be marked as once they've left the battlegrounds, or if they'll even leave them. From my experiences in this loud and outrageous scene of violence, I have learned the true consequences of the reality of war. People don't just die, they suffer, lose limbs and even lose hope in survival. Some citizens back home support them, which is a great quality within America, however, some have no idea how hard it really is to fight a war like this one or any other one. Some people see it as just another war with soldiers fighting, but honestly, they shouldn't be so ignorant to the fact that people suffer to defend what they love, giving all of their efforts and even their lives. Citizens (Whether they are related to a soldier or someone in the military or not) should involve themselves with this. The blood that has spilled, the men that have fallen, and the lives that have been lost or will be.

-Jonas Lassiter