Internet Slang

By: Emily Simons

  • Be careful what you type.

  • There are many abbreviations that can mean something else than you thought.

    Here are some of the abbreviation.

  • Wkyp means “we’ll keep you posted”,

  • nsd means “never say die”,

  • nyp means “not your problem"

  • ntsh means “nothing to see”

  • gtbb means “good to be back”

  • mmoa which is “make me an offer”

  • biss which is “because I said so”.

  • These abbreviation and acronyms are used on twitter, the internet, chats, blogs, and internet forums.

  • Some of the slang is more popular than others and people are coming up with more everyday.

  • Abbreviations are normally used to save keystrokes. acronyms, keyboard symbols, and abbreviations are types of internet slang.