September Newsletter

Mrs. Wagner's 5th Grade Class

A Note from Mrs. Wagner

Dear Parents,

Our school year has been off to a great start! We have really gotten used to our routines and have settled in quickly. I hope you are enjoying your first newsletter! Class newsletters will be emailed to you at the end of each month. It will tell you about all of the things we have accomplished. Ms. Weber and I will include some of our insight and the students are responsible for brainstorming together and writing a paragraph about each subject area.

I wanted to inform you that on October 21, we have been invited to the HMHS to preview the show, "Beauty and the Beast". We will be leaving here at 1:00 to walk over to the high school. The show is from 1:30-2:30 and then we will walk back for dismissal at 3:00pm. I am looking for 3 parent volunteers that would be willing to walk with us to the high school, watch the play, and walk back with us. Please respond to this email if you would like to chaperone and I will take them on a first come first serve basis. If it rains that day, the trip will be cancelled.

On Back to School Night, I mentioned using a social media tool to help me communicate more with parents. I have decided to try out an app called Homeroom to do this. Homeroom can be downloaded to a smart phone or ipad but can also be used on the computer if you do not have access to one of these devices. Once you have downloaded the app or have gone to the website, you will need to sign up for an account. Once you are on the account, it will have a newsfeed similar to Facebook. I will be posting pictures and videos daily and/or weekly so you can see your child in action in my classroom! You can set it up so that you will be notified of new postings. Here is the following information:

I've created a classroom album called “September” this month where I have posted photos. I will also be posting videos. To join the album and get updates when new things are posted, click on this link:

I'm looking forward to giving you a window into the classroom!

Miss Weber's Corner

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the school year as much as I am in 5W! This past month in math we have been learning all about factors, multiples, and exponents. Below is a great website where students can practice working on these skills in a fun and creative way.

If anyone has any questions for me, you can contact me at

I look forward to continue building relationships with each and every one of you.


Miss Weber

Writer's Workshop By: Olivia, Sammy, Asher, Chris

In this unit we are writing personal narratives. What we’ve been doing is something called fast and furious writing. It’s when we take our ideas and write as fast as we can to put our ideas on paper. We write without stopping and we do not take breaks. Later, we go back and edit our work with skills we learn in our minilessons.

Mrs.Wagner and Ms. Weber told us about 5 strategies so far that will help us come up with ideas for writing. They are to think of a person that matters to you, think of first and last times, think of times you realized something, a place that matters to you, and a strong emotion.

A personal narrative is when you write a true story about your life. For example, Johnny is writing about his dog, Scooter. When you write about something in your life you usually write about something that really matters like a pet or a family member or a special person. Also you usually write with emotion.

And that is what we did over the couple past few weeks!

School Happenings By: Allison,Emerson,Kyra,Ryan,and Evan

On the first day of school we had an ice cream social! The ice cream social is where is friends gather round and eat free ice cream! They play games and have fun you even get to pick your own toppings. We had a blast!

In 5th grade each year we have an art contest. We draw on posters about the Fall Fair. We make fun collages.The judges get to judge the winner. Whoever wins gets their drawing on the front cover of the Fall Fair magazine.

Our school is doing a sports drive and donating it to the Camden Eecreation Department. They are in need of basketballs, footballs, baseballs, uniforms, cleats, and soccer balls, so it would really help if you were able to donate some of your sports equipment. You can donate until Friday October 2 outside of the main office, or Sunday October 4th at the 5th grade BBQ at Elizabeth Haddon School at the black top 4:30-6:30. We would appreciate if you donated gently used sports equipment or NEW sports equipment!

Reader's Workshop By Amelia, Audrey F., Daniel, Sofia

This year in reading so far we have been playing a vocabulary game called Taboo. We use vocab words and find synonyms from the iPads and write them down on index cards. Then we play with 2 or 3 players. One person reads the synonyms and the other people try to guess which word it is. Whoever collects the most word cards wins. We have also played Memory with our vocab words. Something else that we’ve been doing in reading is reading the main selection stories in our Journeys textbooks. Every week there is a different story that goes along with a new theme and a new skill. We read Off and Running, Double Dutch, Blasting of To Space Academy, and A Package for Ms. Jewels. The stories are both fiction and non-fiction. This week, we are starting book club groups. We will also be doing a lot of center work too. The past few weeks of reading have been fun!​

Social Studies By Johnny, Gianna, Makayla, and Caitlin​

During Social Studies we have been leaning about landforms, latitude and longitude, hemispheres, the prime meridian, and physical features of the Earth.

The landforms are mountains, valleys, source, hill, rivers, bays, plans, lakes, delta, tributary, cape, gulf, mouth, peninsula, and island. We have labeled landforms in the United States on a map in our workbooks.

We also learned about hemispheres. The line going up and down is the prime meridian. The line going across is the equator. They both divide the Earth in four ways. They make four hemispheres: the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western.

Another topic we learned about is latitude and longitude. Latitude lines are the imaginary lines that go across the Earth horizontally and longitude lines go vertically. Latitude & Longitude are both used for finding where things are around the Earth more easily.

So far we learned so much in Social Studies. We have been looking at slides as we read through our book that helps us to see things more clearly. For instance, when we were talking about latitude and longitude lines, Mrs. Wagner showed us a map of the Earth. When she pushed a button, she saw the lines appear in the correct locations.

Math By Karlie, Audrey S., Caden, Nick

This month in math we have been focusing on a lot of different things. One thing we have been working on is square numbers. If it shows 9 squared its asking for two 9s and 9*9=81, that’s how you do it.

The next thing that goes with square numbers is unsquaring numbers. Unsquaring numbers means that we take a number like 81 and find the square root, which is 9.

A prime number is when a number does not have more than two factors, only itself and one. A composite number is when the number has more than 2 factors.

An array shows dots lined up in either a rectangle or square. Each row and column has to have an even number of dots. One example of arrays is when its two rows of 5 it means 2*5= 10. The array would have 2 rows of 5 dots and then you would multiply the 2 numbers to figure out the total.

Also a game that we played was Factor Captor. How you play is one person circles a 2 digit number on a grid full of numbers and the partner has to find all the factors that go with the number that was circled. The partner circles all of the factors of the number. That person then gets the sum of the numbers circled as their points. They partners switch. In the end, all of the factors get added up into the score and the one with the most points wins!

The last thing that we are going to talk about is our first math test. Our first math test is on Friday October, 2.

Class Happenings By: Julia, Thea, Raff, Connor, Albert

These few weeks in school we have been doing a lot. We chose our student council representatives. Our representatives are: Caitlin, Gianna, Johnny, and Audrey F. We also started safety duty! The posts are field, playground, blacktop, and floaters. Floaters go everywhere. We will soon have a new game leader position. The game leader will be in charge of organizing some of the games at recess for the younger students.

We also write a daily spark every morning! A daily spark is a fun writing prompt that Mrs. Wagner puts on the board for us when we come in. We have to restate the question and write at least a half a page.

Happy Birthday to Evan- September 8, Daniel- 9, Asher-18, Sophia 25th!

And that is what’s happening in class happenings!