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Westport Middle School, Springfield Missouri 3/8/2019.6

Reminders from Dr. Herrell

Sweet 16 Attendance Initiative

Students and Parents, school attendance is critical to the success of your child and the overall success of the Westport Community. A community’s school is a defining component and our students, parents, teachers and staff make it what it is in every aspect, being here is an important first step. From that stand point we want to thank our parents for their concerted efforts to get your students to school and remind them of the importance of being here, on-time, every day. With that being said, we are starting our 4th quarter push toward attendance improvement with our Sweet 16 Initiative; this is a celebration for students who end the year with 90% attendance or better as well as those students who improve attendance for the remainder of the year.

Cell Phone Reminder

Parents please help us with cell phone usage/misusage within our buildings. We understand that phones are important to students; however, we have to have the ability to manage our environment and keep students on task. With this in mind, please help us reinforce that all classrooms and hallways are no device (Red Zones), unless a teacher indicates the classroom is an area for device usage. Failure to keep devices put away (backpack, pocket, locker, etc.) can be grounds for additional disciplinary actions including office referral and/or suspension. We so appreciate your assistance and understanding.

In Other News...

Band Festival

The 7th/8th grade band got a 2 or an “Excellent” Rating at Kickapoo the week before Spring Break. Please congratulate the band members! Way to go Westport Band!

Choir Contest, March 2

Please brag on the following students who sang their hearts out on Saturday! The scale is 1= the best; 5= the worst. We had ALL 1s and 2s!!!

The following students scored a 2 at the choir contest on Saturday:

TJ Bound

Lucky Davis

Kallie Diede

Jimi Frazier

Rebecca Guillen

Holley Harrell

Caimon James

Monique Long

Marcel Rather

Amber Robertson

Peyton Teer

Devonte Trout

Morrigan Trujillo

Calen Woodard

The following students scored a 1 at the choir contest on Saturday:

Hailey Cartaya

Olivia Catlin

Briann Darnell

Mical Erickson

Brooklyn Harvey

Delaney Hogan

Monique Long

Dominique Petet

Emma Schneider

Caitlyn Smalley

Jakeb Smith

Morrigan Trujillo

Juliette Vicencio

Matthew Wanner

David Harrison, Author and Poet

This just in...

Mr. Harrison visited Westport on Monday, March 18, 2019. We are very honored and excited to have had Mr. Harrison visit and speak with our 6th - 8th grade students. Thank you to Mrs. Young for arranging this visit.

Orchestra Festival

The 7th/8th grade orchestra got a 1 or a “Superior” Rating at Glendale. Please congratulate the members of orchestra! Way to go Westport Orchestra!

Westport Climate

We all look forward to coming to a safe, positive, and pleasant place to spend our days while we are learning. We are looking forward to fourth quarter. Come back after Spring Break planning to be positive, showing off what you know, and preparing for next year and your future. #bekind

Student Author

Spring Break, March 8-17, 2019

We hope this newsletter finds you enjoying your Spring Break. I apologize for this edition coming out late.

We will see you back in classes, with charged Chromebooks and ready for MAP Monday, on March 18, 2019

--Mrs. Westerman

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