Tech Tips and Tricks Tuesday

November 11, 2014

So it begins....

Welcome to the first issue of the Tech Tips and Tricks Tuesday newsletter! Each week, I will send out a newsletter with helpful technology tips and important tech related information. If you have anything specific you'd like me to address in these weekly newsletters, please let me know!


Google Increases Drive Storage

On November 1st, you may have noticed Google increased your Drive storage capacity from 30 GB, to a whopping 10 TB (terrabytes)! To put this in perspective, 10 TB = 10,000 GB. You now have more than enough space to store music, video, photos, files, and folders, along with so much more. There's nothing you have to do to take advantage of this new change, just use your Drive the way you have always used it. Don't forget, Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms don't take up any Drive space at all!

Parent Communication Tips

Here are some great ways to use Google Drive to communicate with families. Check out the idea of using a Google Form to record behavior information and sharing the spreadsheet with parents to keep them updated on their student's progress.

Google Training Opportunities

I will offer Google training after-school, once or twice a week, beginning on November 17th and running until the end of January. Topics will include Google Drive, Google Calendar, Gmail, and Chromebooks. Look for specific details of each class in upcoming issues of Tech Tips and Tricks Tuesday and be sure to RSVP for the November 17th Training (see specific details of the class below).

The district has developed an online Google Drive class offered through Schoology. Relicensure credit (0.5) is available to those who successfully complete this online, self-paced class. To register, sign-up on PDExpress. The fee is $10.

Google Calendar Training

Monday, Nov. 17th, 2:45-3:30pm

Stellar Computer Lab

Come learn the Ins and Outs of Google Calendar. At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Create calendar events (three different ways)
  2. Invite others to events using calendar invites
  3. Compare two or more calendars to find open time
  4. Create appointment times (A handy feature for scheduling conferences.)
  5. Other helpful tips and tricks as time allows

Please be sure to RSVP for this training!

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Have you ever wanted to share your weblinks but not wanted to copy and paste them all individually in an email? With Diigo (pronounced dee-go) you don't have to! Diigo allows you to save and annotate your weblinks and then share them with anyone using one simple link. In addition, teachers can sign up for a free educator account. Teachers with educator accounts can also create student accounts. Students then use Diigo to save and share their research bookmarks with you.

If you're interested, learn more at the Diigo website. Apply for educator access after you sign-up for the free account! Let me know if you have questions.

Next Week's Issue....

The focus of next week's Tech Tips and Tricks Tuesday will be Twitter for educators. Is there anything you want me to address next week? Please let me know!