Week 4 Term 2

Principals Report

Dear Parents,

It is now expected that all students will have returned to school. Please get in touch if there are any difficulties in this area, we are here to help. It is currently very pleasing to see the level of attendance from our students and families. Our greatest attendance so far is 86%, reflecting an excellent school culture.

We welcome several new students to our school in years 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6.

I am starting to look at the number of new kindergarten enrollments that we will have for 2021 and also potential year 7 students that will engage with SIDE. I would like to get current and future parents of SIDE students together and discuss options for the future of SIDE. I will be sending home an invite shortly regarding this meeting.

Kind regards

Claire Barbosa

Michael Plowman

Mick will be engaging with the school in regards to teaching sport as well as running club. In addition he will be organising some sports on the weekends. Thank you, Mick.

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Running Club

Running Club began on Wednesday 20 May at 7:30 am at the town oval. Gemma Ryan and Mick Plowman will be organising and running this initiative. The idea is to improve fitness in our children and then encourage parents to join in once COVID-19 regulations lift. Please return permission slips to the front office. There will be permission slips onsite should you need one.

Hair and Uniform

It is pleasing to see all students making an effort to be in school uniform. (Please refer to the attached Uniform Policy.) Please encourage your children to refrain from bows, kitty cat ears and coloured spray. It is becoming a bit of a competition amongst our girls to out do one another with extreme hair.
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Contact Teacher

Do you need to make contact with your child's classroom teacher?

Please contact them via email, seesaw or the school's phone number-90379086.

Facebook is not an acceptable means of of communication and we certainly want to avoid sharing any information about our students in this manner.

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Sorry Day

National Sorry Day is held on 26 May each year to acknowledge and recognise members of the Stolen Generations. Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been affected either directly or indirectly by this terrible part of our history since European colonisation. It is important to acknowledge this and turn hurt from the past into something positive for our community and for our future generations. We will acknowledge this day at a school level and embed its purpose into our curriculum.

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Drop Off and Pick Up

At the moment we are trying to ensure the safety of all students at drop off and pick up. We are encouraging the following:

  • Cross at the crossing on the road or at the cones
  • Look both ways before crossing the road
  • Wear a bike helmet when riding
  • Do not walk across the car park

This has been a bit tricky to police and we are trying to come up with creative solutions to ensure all students are safe. Please note if the children are happy to walk in alone they can even be dropped close to the bike racks and enter that way. They do not have to check in with Mrs Onwuegbule and Mrs Barbosa. We are there to help with particularly young children and man the car park. If there are any community members who have a degree in Traffic Management or creative solutions please come and see us, we are open to suggestions!


Reports will go home electronically this year via email on Tuesday 30th June. Please ensure that the school has your updated email address. All student reports will out line where the students are performing in relation to the Student Curriculum and Standards Authority Judging Standards. The students will be graded in English and Mathematics using a A-D grade but other subjects will be a generic comment as to what has been covered by the class this semester. General comments will be individualised. It is important that you respect the privacy of our students and keep their report confidential in your family. It is not helpful to compare our children and we accept where every child is at on their learning journey. Should you wish to discuss your child's progress further please organise a meeting with the classroom teacher.

Parents on site

Our reasons for discouraging parents onsite are to adhere to Department of Health guidelines surrounding gatherings involving large volumes of adults. Thank you for supporting the school in our COVID-19 journey. This is not to say that you can not come in to school to buy a uniform, meet with a teacher or deliver a forgotten lunch. We are just trying to avoid large crowds gathering at this point. Please note that we do have other people onsite including maintenance people, health professionals, lunch order deliveries and some P and C members for various jobs. Just remember it will not be this way forever and in time things will return to normal.

Kindy Health Screen

All of our Kindy's health screens were conducted last week and parents were informed of their child's appointment. They had a little picnic to end their hard day of work!
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Mothers Day Stall

Thank you to our wonderful P & C for their hard work setting up the Mother's Day Stall. There were some awesome gifts given out to our dedicated Mums on Sunday! Thank you to our Dad's who did a brilliant job of selling the wares at the stall last week.Check out our photos!

High School Brunch Club!

Our high schoolers will be engaging in a series of cooking lessons with Mrs Morellini. They have decided on a delicious Brunch menu and will be making one dish per week until the end of the term. One of the fabulous chefs from ISS will be joining them to share his expertise. They will learn some valuable cooking skills, healthy eating and lifestyle tips! We are all living in hope that they share the corn fritters with us!

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