Munden Park Matters

May 2015

Inspiring Greatness by Giving Back to the Community

The month of April provides all of us in education an opportuntiy to highlight the amazing work happening in our schools. This year Munden Park inspired greatness by giving back to its community to thank them for all that they do to support the public education system and our students. We invited parents as guest speakers to share their life stories, inspirations and journeys of success. We also went out into the community to deliver random acts of kindness to whomever may need one. We also took our students to the local food bank so that they could help out those in need.

Our grade five student, Jessica, in Ms. Vulic's class, was so inspired by the life journey of one of our visitors, a female pilot, that she wrote a very touching reflection. We thought it would be fitting to share it with you. Please see Jessica's inspirational words below.

This months it was especially clear to our staff and students how interconnected we are as a school community and that it truly takes a village to raise a child. Thank-you to all the parents and neighbours of Munden Park who inspired us and for always supporting our learning journey.

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Thank-you for Sharing Your Life Journey! The Pilot Mahzeiba

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Inspirational Messages for the Community

#DV5 at the Salvation Army Food Bank to Help Out Those in Need

Character Assembly - Respect

My Movie
112 News Room

Earth Day 2015 Walk to School Kick Off

In Our Community Delivering Random Acts of Kindness to Inspire Greatness

Catherine Porter - Toronto Star Reporter - Visits Munden Park to Interview Students in Ms. Kirkby's Class

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In Case You Missed It Check Out Sadia and Ms. Kirkby on CBC Metro Morning Discussing Earth Day 2015 with Matt Galloway

Finally Enjoying the Sunshine!

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Having So Much Fun in the Sunshine They Break Out in Song

Day of Pink Messages of Inspiration

Education Week Assembly

Ms. Sarah the Paramedic Visits Munden Park to Share Information About Her Profession

Earth Day 2015 - Our FDK 1 Contributing to the Environment by Cleaning Up the School Yard

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Young Entrepreneurs! FDK 6 Wanted to Make a Lemonade Stand and Sell Lemonade...So They Did

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Grade 3 Students Leading the Way by Collecting Funds for Victims of the Nepal Earthquake

Mr. Barnes and His Grade 4 Class Exploring with Gosphero

#DV5 Started a New Project: The Humans of Munden Park (Check Out the Blog)

Thursday, May 14

Thursday, May 14th, 6:30-7:45pm

Munden Park Public School, Mississauga, ON, Canada

Mississauga, ON

School Council Meeting (All Parents Welcome!)

Updated Procedures for Anaphylactic Students

In order to create a safe school environment for staff and students, new procedures have been implemented for students with anaphylactic allergies.

All staff must be informed of students who have been prescribed an Epi-Pen, Epi-Pen Junior or Allerject. Two Epi-Pen/Allerjects should be available: one is stored in an accessible location for staff and students, and the other is kept with the student at all times.

Please remind your child that Epi-Pens should not be shared with other students. Epi-Pens are to be shared only in the case of an anaphylactic emergency.

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