Role in the Revolution

His role was in the Americans war of Independence. he was forested to surrendered his army of 6,000 people and himself. British drove the the Americans and made them suffer losses they could not afforded.
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3 important facts

1-He went to the military while trying to be a police office.

2- He wrote 2 poems that became famous.

3-When he came back from the war he was treated well all though he did not want he mane printed on everything so he was trying to find a way to change it or stop it

Family Life

His wife's name was Anna Maria and his brother in-law Thomas Gage . and loved to watch his plays.

Life after the revolution

His wife's name was Anna Maria. He also love to watch his plays in the theater. Maid of the oaks and The heiress. He was also thanked and his name was on everything and people respected him. all tho he did not like it and was trying to find a way to stop it and make them other them in a different way.

what was life when john Burgoyne died

He died in London on August 4, 1792 and was burred in Westminster Abbey. He was shown for his love and in his plays that became everyone favorite. And his success in life for being in the 7 year war.