Eagle Pride

Volume 4, Issue 4


GOAL 1: All students will exhibit Satisfactory or above on performance on State assessments. Students below Satisfactory performance will demonstrate more than one year of academic growth.

GOAL 2: Dallas ISD schools will be the primary choice for families in the district.

GOAL 3: The achievement gap by race, ethnicity, and social economic status will be no greater than 10% on all academic measures.

GOAL 4: 95% of students will graduate. Of the graduates, 90% have the qualifying scores for community college, college, military, or industry certification.

GOAL 5: 95% of entering kindergarten students are school-ready on a multi-dimensional assessment.

GOAL 6: All students will participate in at least one extracurricular or co-curricular activity each year.


1. Improve student achievement across subgroups.

2. Increase teacher effectiveness by improving the level of rigor and engagement in lessons.

3. To create and cultivate a positive culture that is committed to excellence, accountability, and serving our community.

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  • Submit and share SLO on School Net
  • Math teacher training on Thursday September 22nd
  • Compliance video certificates are to be turned in to Mrs. Rios
  • Read aloud should be happening from 8:00-8:15. NO VIDEOS.