Thomas Hobbes


Born April 5th 1588 and died December 4th 1679

He was an English Philosopher

His greatest achievement was his social contract theory

His political thoughts was that his understanding of humans as being matter and motion

Elightment firends

I would say his 2 friends of the enlightenment period would be John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
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21st Centry Friends

A friend of this time area would be Thomas Nagel and Derek Parfit because both are the same, a philosopher. Both of these man study the same so they would be a perfect friend.

Why did I chose these as Thomas Hobbes?

The reason I chose these man because it's just the same as today's time, every celebrity hangs out with a celebrity, Philosophers would hang out other philosophers so they could study the same thing.


"It is not wisdom but Authority that makes a law" meaning it would be nice if wisdom could make laws because the person in authority would do is fortify their position in power. Their are all kinds of goofy laws to only seem to only exist to give those in power a better chance to stay there. Its not because they are wise but because they have the authority to make it.