H3's Happenings

May 2016

Successful Spring Session!

Our spring session is coming to a close. Only 2 more lessons left. It has been a successful session. I think only 2 lessons have been canceled due to weather?! That's a record!!

Our participants are growing and gaining confidence with each lesson. Nick is now riding independently at a walk and trot and he also helps saddle his horse. Berit is riding independently at a walk, and with very little assistance at a trot. Emily rides independently at a walk and trot. Khalil is talking up a storm! He now rides with only one sidewalker. Nathan has fallen in love with Scout. He loves riding and grooming the horses. At last week's lesson, he got a lesson bathing the horses, and he loved it! Curtis and Shaniya are new to H3 and have progressed rapidly! Shaniya is riding at a walk and trot with very little assistance. Curtis loves Dago, and he rides with no sidewalkers. Conner, Ethan, and Cooper are progressing as well. Ethan can now mount and ride without me being mounted with him and holding him. Conner rides without any sidewalkers, and Cooper loves to sing while he rides. His vocabulary is growing. He is saying more words with each visit. We are so proud of their progress and trust in their horses. They are all sitting straighter and riding higher.

We are so blessed and proud of all of our students!! We appreciate you parents sharing you precious children with us. We love them all! We hope that you will join us for our Fall Session starting September 6, 2016. Sign up TODAY!!

Fall Session & Special Olympics

H3's fall session begins Tuesday September 6, 2016 and ends Thursday November 17, 2016. Fall session is our most popular session, so sign up TODAY!! Also, please plan to attend our 1st Annual Benefit Horse Show Saturday September 24, 2016. All of our participants will be involved in the horse show. We are excited to be able to show the public just what our kids can do. Make plans to attend now. 9/24/16 4pm-7pm $10.00 each.

We appreciate your support!!