Laura Adele Soracco

3-2-1 Introduction

3 Things to know about me

  • I don't have a native language. Because of my background, I learned Spanish, Italian, and English by the time I was 7 years old. I had to relearn English when I was 17.

  • I began blogging last year and now I regularly read several blogs by other teachers of ESOL. Grateful to have discovered that there’s an amazing community of teachers online! I'm also on Twitter :)

  • I have been learning Turkish since last August (when I moved to Ankara), and hope that I will be able to speak some Turkish in the next year and a half I plan on being here.

2 Favorite Activities

  • Taking many photos with analogue cameras and lots of different kinds of film. Some of my analogue photos (scanned negatives) are here.

  • Cooking vegetarian and Italian food.

1 Dream Job

Being a photojournalist!

I would love to travel around the world taking photos of different places, and tell stories about the people and the news there.