Culture, France, and money!

By: Kaylyn Brank

Did you know......

Did you know in France waiters and waitresses are considered professionals. The better the restaurant the better the staff knows about the food and wine. Everyone takes pride in being a waiter/waitress.

Did you know that if you go to France it's impolite to address your waiter as Garcon.

Also did you know that French take so much pride in preparing the food it takes several hours to eat a meal?

Here is a small note to remember when you eat in France:

First: make sure you know if you like the food or not..

Second: make sure you don't have a tendency to use understatement (la litote)

Third: If you don't like the food you can say C'est pas terrible, but if you like it you can say C'est pas mauvais.

Children Don't Forget to Tip Your Waiter (or Waitress)!

If you see "Service Compris" in cafes and restaurants that means the 15% of tip is included in your check. Try not to be too American and double tip because you didn't read the fine print. You can always ask if the 15% is included, just say "Le service est compris?".