La Charla con Sra. Chaney

Week 4 - Spanish 1 Online with NCVPS

Important Dates

  • Progress Report Grades due to school (weeks 1-3): Tuesday, September 16th: After this is submitted students will be able to contact me for an updated grade. These progress reports are done bi-weekly.
  • All work (weeks 1-8) due by Friday, October 24th (end of nine weeks): We are nearly halfway to this first major deadline. Students are encouraged to catch up NOW as to prevent end of the quarter stress later on!

el 15 de septiembre: el día de la independencia en Costa Rica

Costa Rica celebrates its independence on September the 15th, much like many other Central American countries. This year marks the 193th year of independence. ¡Feliz día de la independencia, Costa Rica!

photo source: Destination Costa Rica

Schedule of Assignments

Students are encouraged to print and use the Schedule of Assignments to keep track of what is due each week. We are starting week 4 this week, below, click the small images to see what should be completed from weeks 1-3 and what students will be working on in week 4.
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Unidad 2

At the end of Unidad 2 students will be able to say:

  • I can talk about the classes I have this year.
  • I can talk about when I have my classes.
  • I can talk about what I do in all of my classes.
  • I can talk about what items are in my bookbag and classrooms.
  • I can talk about where things are located in the classroom.

The cultural focus for Unidad 2 is schools in Costa Rica. Below is a photo of a school near Volcán Arenal in Costa Rica.

photo source: Kellie Chaney 2013

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Missing Work Spreadsheet

The gradebook in Moodle can be hard to decode at times. To see what assignments you or your student are missing from the previous week(s) check out the Missing Work Spreadsheet. This will be updated weekly to show what was turned in from the previous week's assignments.

You can access the Missing Work Spreadsheet here.

Required Live Classes (RLCs)

Students are reminded that:
  • they must attend at least one Required Live Class per unit. This does not have to be done with me, but any Spanish 1 teacher listed in the Google calendar in the course.
  • RLCs are labeled, GS (Getting Started), U1 (Unidad 1), and U2 (Unidad 2) in the Google Calendar. Check the label before attending!
  • they must participate, take notes, and submit their notes and reflection on the assignment page in order to receive full credit.
  • Students can attend these via phone (by calling in) or by downloading the Blackboard Collaborate app to their Apple iOS or Android device.
  • Please have them contact me if they are having difficulty logging in or finding a time that works with their schedule. The key is to plan ahead!

** This week, students will need to attend a Unidad 2 RLC **

Vocabulary Lists

Students should bookmark or print the vocabulary lists for each unit. They are located in the Recursos para estudiar section of each unit.

Click here for the Unidad 2 Vocabulary Lists!

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Contact Señora Chaney

My current office hours are:

  • Mondays 7-9pm
  • Tuesdays 8-9pm
  • Wednesdays 6-7pm

I am accessible via phone call or Blackboard IM (usually) during this time. I can also be contacted through Moodle Message or text message during the day and will respond ASAP. ELAs & parents may contact me via email.