Nuremberg and Jim Crow Laws

By: Madeline Butcher and Taylor Krech

During the 19th and the 20th century, minority groups had suffered from segregation and racism. Two minor groups that have suffered from severe racism include the Jewish people and the African Americans. The two groups had a lot in common, even though they were nothing alike. They both had laws created against them because they were different. These laws deprived them of their natural and civil rights. They became known as Nuremberg Laws and Jim Crow Laws. The Nuremberg Laws were created by the Germans and they deprived Jewish children of proper school systems, deprived everyone in that culture of going to certain restaurants and public places, and lastly forbid opposite race marriage. What the Nuremberg laws enforced on the Jews, the Jim Crow Laws (created by Caucasians) did the exact same thing to the African Americans. (TK) [1]

The effects of the laws made against the Jews

There were many laws made against the Jews to keep them from benefiting in the same ways as the Germans. Not being allowed to vote or hold public office was one of the many effects of the laws made against them. Also, they could not get medical attention when needed. If any Jew had a shop or business, a yellow star was painted on it to warn people, specifically Germans, not to shop there. Due to these laws, the Jewish people found it difficult to go anywhere in public, and also difficult to even prosper. (MB) [2]

Law of the Reich Citizen

A law was created on September 15th, 1935 for the purpose of discriminating against the Jewish people. This law stripped Jews of their German citizenship, which was a way to show a distinct difference between "Reich citizens" and "nationals." The only way someone could be classified as a Reich citizen was if they were to have German ancestry or "German blood." Jews were no longer wanted in Germany, making it hard for them to go anywhere in public without being looked at with disgust or hatred. (MB) [3] [4]

The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor

The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor was created for many different reason in order to restrict Jews from succeeding. Jews were not allowed to hire female Germans to work in their houses and were not even allowed to raise a German flag, being as they were no longer classified as German citizens at this point. Also, Jews were not allowed to marry a German because of this law. If a Jewish citizen were to disobey these laws they were either imprisoned or punished with hard labor. (MB) [5]

Jim Crow Laws

Jim Crow Laws were Just as bad as the Nuremberg laws. The Jim Crow Laws hit a lot of the same topics as The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor. Both of these laws gave no chance and no power to the African Americans and the Jews. There were laws for what blacks could and could not do, and laws for who they could and could not talk to. For example, in restaurants blacks and whites could not eat together in the same room, unless there was a separate entrance for each and there was a wall in between the two that was at least 7 ft high. There were so many things that were separated. Pool and billiard rooms, intermarriage, schools, jails, mental hospitals, parks, railroads, and libraries. Pretty much anything that could be separated, was. Not only was everything separated, but it was unequal. The white people always got the better deal than the blacks.(TK) [6]
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Blacks have the right to vote.

In 1870, blacks now had the legal right to vote. The 15th amendment was passed and stated that black men could vote. Most places were already enforcing Jim Crow Laws. These laws prevented blacks from voting without violating the amendment. In most places, a poll tax was required in order to vote. Poll taxes are a special tax for voting that is required when they reached the polls. Poll taxes made it almost impossible for the black men to vote because they all had very little money. Another requirement that blacks had to meet in order to vote was to pass a literacy test. This test pretty much ensured that only a select few of blacks could vote. Former slaves were not educated so they had no chance to pass the literacy test. Until the 1960s, with the exception of a brief period of reconstruction, African Americans could not vote nation-wide. (TK) [7]
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the Rise and Fall of Jim Crow


Everything happens for a reason. Without these tragedies that have happened throughout history, the world would not be the same place we live in today. For example, the Jim Crow Era was a struggle. Not only was it hard on the African Americans, but it was tough on white politicians too. The KKK went after both of these groups of people. Even though there were organizations rising against them, they still would rather fight for what they believe in and die for it, than not say anything at all. I think that this is something that has stuck with people over time. Today, people fight for what they think is right, and for what they believe in. (TK)

Fun Facts!(:

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Jim Crow Facts:

  • The Jim Crow Laws were named after a popular song at the time called "Jim Crow."
  • Later on, Jim Crow was interchangeable with the word "Negro." (MB) [8]
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Nuremberg Facts:

  • The Nazis did not allow German Jewish athletes to participate in the Olympics.
  • Like everyone else, Jews had to carry around an identity card, but their were stamped with a "J" on it.
  • If the Jews did not have recognizable "Jewish" first names, they were given a new middle name, such as "Israel" for males and "Sara" for females. (MB) [9]