John Deere

The man Who Changed Farming Forever

John Deere journal entry

When I think about my life I think about the day I moved to Gran Detour. It was where I made the first ever plow that could cut through prairie soil. I still think that’s pretty cool. I had been known to say if a product didn’t have interest in me I wouldn’t put my name on it. My wives also helped me with my accomplishments. I had to wives because my first wife died. I married her sister. It wasn’t as special but we still had fun. After that I became a mayor. I didn’t look that bad but I did look good in my suit. I might die because I’m getting sick a lot so bye.


 John Deere was a great man in his day. You may know his company today. Read on and find out about the invention that changed farming forever.      He was born February 7, 1804 in Rutland, Vermont he was four his father disappeared in England. He was also married 2 times. He had nine children total.              John Deere became famous for a lot of reasons. One reason was because he made the first plow to cut through prairie soil. Also he started a company that was a international powerhouse. He was also mayor.  John Deere is notable to the United States because he was an inventor of the first plow that could cut through prairie soil. He was also a great leader because he chased his dream of opening a blacksmith shop. John Deere cared about Moline and wanted to see it develop. John Deere was a inventor and leader maybe he could inspire you to.

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John Deere quote

I will never put my name on a product that does not have the best interest in me.