Mrs. Stagg's Class

September 2013

From Mrs. Stagg

Our first week of school was EXCEPTIONAL! We have worked hard to learn all of the expectations, from the hallway, to the playground, to the cafeteria and I have to say, we are doing a MARVELOUS job! We get complimented daily, which is no surprise to me!


Please wear SAFE SHOES to school. We go to PE everyday and flip flops, sandals, and boots are not safe in the gym or on the track.

Reading (Reader's Workshop)

We are off and running! We have already built our stamina up to quiet reading for SEVEN minutes. Or next goal is TEN! Wow! Ten whole minutes of quiet reading is a lifetime to a 6 year old, but I know we can do it!

This week, we will learn that there are 3 ways to read a book: Read the words, read the pictures, and retell the story in your own words using the pictures to cue your memory. This is very important right now, as not all of us can decode complex texts, yet ALL of us can be readers!

We will also work to build our stamina, just like runners do...

Writing (Writer's Workshop)

This will be our very first week of true Writer's Workshop in first grade. We will learn that we are ALL authors! We also will learn that writers are like carpenters and they need tools to build their stories. And the very last thing we will learn and refer to time and time again is... WE CAN DO HARD THINGS. A little guy told me today, "Mrs.Stagg, this is HHHHAAAAAARRRRRDDDDD". My reply was, "If it isn't hard and it it doesn't stretch your brain, and even make it hurt a little, then what's the point!" He finished and said "You were right, I can do hard things! " BINGO!


This week, we begin our cyclical math schedule. Instead of studying one concept for a week, then moving on, etc., we will use every Monday to learn a little more about patterns, Tuesday will be reserved for place value, Wednesday for graphing, and Thursday for addition and subtraction. This will help me tremendously! If a student doesn't quite understand the place value concept taught that day, we have a week to reteach and practice before we build upon that concept. This is a fantastic way to tie several math concepts together and to develop a deeper understanding of what is being taught!

Social Studies/ Science

This week's topic is Citizenship. What does it mean to be a good citizen? We are going to find out through books, activities, and projects all this week.