Trailblazer Times

January 11-15, 2016


**Jan 11: CANCELLED Grade Level Team Data Meeting with Shannon during Conference Times (this will be rescheduled)

**Jan 11: SBDM Meeting at 3:15pm

**Jan 12: 2nd Grade DLI Parent Meeting 6:30-7:30pm in their classrooms

Jan 13: Mrs. O'Neill will be bring Mr. Hill around for classroom visits to all those who attended Literacy Academy to observe strategies in action

Jan 13: PLC Day: 3rd in am and 5th in pm....bring data based on your action steps

Jan 13: Team Leader Meeting @ 3:15pm in Jennifer's room

**Jan 14: DEADLINE for students to turn in their Spring Trail Days application...please turn into Kendra's box

Jan 14: Fun Run Day! (Run Schedule in Google Docs)

Jan 15: Last Day of 2nd 9 Weeks Spirit Rally in Gym @ 8:15am

Jan 15: GE Training for a few staff members

Jan 16: GE Training for a few staff members


Jan 18: No School!!!

Jan 20: PLC Day: Kinder am and 2nd pm....bring data based on your action steps

Jan 20: Evacuation Drill @ 9:20am

**Jan 20: Walkthroughs by Mrs. Tramel in ESL classrooms (1:00-2:30pm)

Jan 20: District DLI Advisory Meeting @ 4:00-5:00pm @ Admin

Jan 20: New Parent Enrollment Meeting for DLI @ DCE Cafeteria @ 7:00-8:00pm

Jan 21: Spring Trail Days Clubs will be posted

Jan 21: Family Math Night at DCE!! 6:00-7:30pm

Jan 22: Fun Run Collection Day: COMPUTER LAB IS CLOSED as volunteers will be in there

Jan 22: 1st Day of Spring Trail Days

Jan 22: GE Training for a few staff members

Jan 23: GE Training for a few staff members

Jan 25: Pot Luck Hosted by Upstairs

Jan 25: Vertical Team Meeting & Training (begin in Library 1st)

Jan 26: PLC Day: 1st am and 4th pm....bring data based on your action steps

Jan 26: Creative Arts Drama Club "Alice In Wonderland" @ 1:45-2:30pm in DCE Cafe

Jan 27: DLI K-2nd Vertical Planning Day

Jan 27: Dana Center Science Training for a few staff members

Jan 27: Outdoor Learning Center Committee Meeting @ 3:15pm in Michelle's room

Jan 27: Spring DLI Parent Meeting 6:30-8:30 @ Wilson Elementary

Jan 28: DLI 3rd-5th Vertical Planning Day

Jan 28: CISD Elementary Honor Choir 7:00-8:00pm @ CHS

Jan 29: 2nd Parent Learning Walk 8:00-10:00am (will include seeing Trail Days)


Below is a link (thank you Allison Greene) from a 3rd Grade Teacher's blog. I have both books referenced in her blog and would love to either come read one of them to your class or loan the book(s) to you! Let me know!


1. There were multiple items that needed to occur Monday. For that reason, I will be rescheduling the Team Data Day Discussions with me. This will also give you some time to completed your MOY benchmarks. Stay tuned for the rescheduled date.

2. You all do a GREAT job of celebrating student work in the hallways! Please be sure you are changing out your displays in a timely manner. Additional, please check for curling corners. Remember work displayed with pride sends a message!

3. Remember that parents need and are looking forward details of the curriculum their child is learning. Now is a great time to review your newsletters as a team to ensure your newsletters are providing the details that help them understand what their child is learning.

4. If you run into questions or problems with your MOY assessments, please let Tricia know as quickly as possible.

5. For your mid-year conference, you do not need to bring anything. Just come ready to talk about where you are in achieving your goals this year and what we can do to help you at this point.

6. During the next round of PLC's you will learn about the last 3 Steps for a Language-Rich Interactive Classroom. It is an expectation that everyone is implementing the 7 Steps in your classroom with your learners. If you need additional help, please let me know.

7. I believe all mid-year conferences have been set. If you have not received an invitation from Tricia or myself, please let us know. I promise it is not an intentional over look but a result of the crazy calendar! :)

8. All summates have been set as well, again, if you have not received an invite, let me know!



CELEBRATE...the new little Trailblazers!

CELEBRATE...Elia and Atka being in Heather C's and Allison's room while they are out on leave! You both are doing a great job and we are lucky to have you working with our students!

CELEBRATE...Barbra for jumping in last week to help monitor the kids in the gym in the morning!! Thanks Barbra for always being so willing to help out!

CELEBRATE...Kendra for making sure DCE's "thank you" banner got made for School Board Appreciation! It turned out SUPER cute!!

CELEBRATE...everyone for a great 1st week back and a great 1st week of Fun Run! Thank you for doing an AMAZING job of supporting this fundraiser! Please let me know if you have any questions this week as we move into Thursday's Fun Run.

CELEBRATE...AMAZING interventions and progress monitoring for our Tier 3 Learners!!


Jan 2: Daniela Emmerich

Jan 11: Margareta Farrell

Jan 15: Tricia Badillo

Jan 18: Nan Yeager

Jan 25: Judy Musgrave