Cell phones in class

Should cell phones be allowed in class?

Phones, iPads, iPods, and more...


Some schools don't have as much money as other schools do. They might not have textbooks or computers and won't be able to access some things that will help them teach, learn, and figure out certain things. The students though, have phones ( iphones, samsung...), ipads, ipods, or laptops that they own. Some times the teachers might think of great ideas, but they can't happen because the school can't afford or have computers, textbooks, or electronics. This problem would be solved by kids being able to use their electronics in class. Know they can access the things that could help them get on their way through school with the knowledge they will need for college.

College, Future

You can take your classes online when snow, hail, rain, fog, or too much heat is blocking everyone or just your section of your city or town. They can give you homework, like looking things up or getting to the online schools website to get to a link or web page from there. You don't have to be pushed around or bullied because you will be doing it online. If you had to tell someone a secret or something personal, you could just text or email them that, and then rumors won't be spread about you or you won't be bullied. Rumors or being bullied lead to lower social, and your own management to go down, which could lead to drugs, jail, no job, and failing over and over in college.

You pay less attention in class, your grades go into no passes, and you just shut down all together. This can all end by just texting or emailing what you wanted to say without all the things that could happen, happen.


All the students can look up facts, textbooks, and more about all the history they need. Like for William Shakespeare, where we might have to learn about him because we live in Ashland Oregon where we are famous for are Shakespeare. Or Charles Dickens for Language Arts, when he published his books or became famous. There is so much history that we could find out about with all the facts we need from the web. So many people have done research on the same thing and have posted the real facts in a shorter version so then you don't have to go to so many different websites, and just go to one.
When we would be reading a whole lot of books that will take you hours, days even, we could just look up what we are researching. It wouldn't take as long, we get it all done faster, find out what they all have in common, take all the notes you need, and you just need to make a final draft of all your facts. You can even find out some really cool facts about it, even when you only needed a few you could get extra credit and a bigger grade.


Theories, graph's, research is proving that listening to music while in class, improves grades and personal management. Music can help you focus, you just put headphones on and listen to music as some people who like silence can carry on on their work without out being disrupted or off task.