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2018-19: Leading the Herd (31)

2019-20 Class Placements

Dear Lone Star Families,

Periodically I am asked how we place children into homerooms. It is a responsibility that the teachers, administrators, and I take very seriously. We look at children's achievement, ability, and temperament, and then we work to make the best fit with an upcoming teacher. We consider the current teacher's success with a child, and we may take parent input into account regarding certain characteristics.

For example, it is helpful to us if you know that your child needs a structured environment or a teacher with a higher tolerance for movement/noise. Whether your child is shy, outgoing, anxious, or struggling in a subject - that is information that comes into play as we work to make the best grouping possible. We do NOT take or honor specific teacher requests. I have found that specific requests are based upon prior experience with an older sibling or a neighbor's child. Not only is that misguided or even inappropriate, there is always the possibility that the requested teacher may change positions or grade levels before we return in August. You can see how it is more helpful to focus on the child rather than the teacher.

While we do not honor "buddy requests", we do need to know if there are circumstances between your child and another that might result in a conflict should they end up in the same homeroom. I want you to know that many hours and many discussions are put into creating homerooms for the upcoming school year. I feel comfortable in sharing that responsibility with the teachers and administrative team, all of whom know your children well. I am by no means soliciting letters from you. However, if you do need to alert us to certain concerns, please address your emails to our counselor, Mrs. Krug by May 17 at elisa.krug@misd.org. We will not be able to entertain input after that time. I want to assure you that this is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We are all here to help every child have a great year… year, after year, after year!

Thank you, Lone Star Families! We LOVE working with your children!!

Catherine Bartlett

For Your Calendar (check back for updates)

Monday, May 6 - Staff Appreciation Week

Monday, May 6 - Fun Jumps in PE

Monday, May 6 - New PK/Kdg Open House, 5:30-6:30

Monday, May 6 - District-wide GT Showcase, 6:00 pm at OHJH

Tuesday, May 7 - Fun Jumps in PE

Tuesday, May 7 - PTA meeting, room 101, 12:00 pm

Wednesday, May 8 - Group F Talent Shows & Recorder Concerts

Thursday, May 9 - Group C Talent Shows & Recorder Concerts

Thursday, May 9 - Choir Concert, 6 pm

Monday, May 13 - Math STAAR for 3rd and 4th Graders

Tuesday, May 14 - Reading STAAR for 3rd and 4th Graders

Wednesday, May 15 - Science STAAR for 5th Graders

Thursday, May 16 - Group B Talent Shows & Recorder Concerts

Thursday, May 16 - K-2 Field Day (1st hour - Relay Races; 2nd hour - Buddy Stations)

8:45-10:45, Kindergarten

10:00-12:00, 1st Grade

1:00-3:00, 2nd Grade

Friday, May 17 - 3-5 Field Day (1st hour - Relay Races; 2nd hour - Buddy Stations)

8:45-10:45, 5th Grade

10:00-12:00, 4th Grade

1:00-3:00, 3rd Grade

Friday, May 17 - Group E Talent Shows & Recorder Concerts

Monday, May 20 - 9:30 am PK Awards

Monday, May 20 - 10:00 am 4th Grade Awards

Monday, May 20 - 2:45 pm 5th Grade Girls' Talk

Monday, May 20 - 3:00 pm ABLE/LS Awards

Tuesday, May 21 - 11:00 am 2nd Grade Awards

Tuesday, May 21 - 2:00 pm 3rd Grade Awards

Tuesday, May 21 - 5th Grade Boys' Talk

Wednesday, May 22 - 8:45 am Kindergarten Graduation

Wednesday, May 22 - 12:45 pm 1st Grade Awards

Thursday, May 23 - 8:45 am 5th Grade Ceremony

Thursday, May 23 - Early Release 1:00 pm (Schedule Change - No lunch visitors)

Friday, May 24 - Early Release 1:00 pm (Students' Last Day) (Schedule Change - No lunch visitors)

Lone Star Monthly Lunch Menus

2018-19 Parent Survey Results

Parents, thank you so much for sharing your feedback, concerns, and ideas with me. I am providing the results below. If you shared your contact with me so that you could provide further information, I will be getting in touch with you over the next week or two. I appreciate you all partnering with us!

  1. My child feels safe at school. YES (97%) NO (3%)
  2. I have an opportunity to be involved to the level I desire. (Watch DOGS, PTA, classroom volunteer, fundraising/donations, at-home supporter) YES (97%) NO (3%)
  3. The Leader In Me is effective for my child (my child is learning leadership skills, applying the 7 Habits, etc.) YES (94%) NO (6%)
  4. I would like more TLIM at-home ideas and activities for my family. YES (59%) NO (41%)
  5. I have opportunities to stay informed about campus events (newsletters, webpage, text reminders, etc.) YES (100%) NO (0%)
  6. I have opportunities to stay informed about class events (webpage, text reminders, etc.) YES (94%) NO (6%)
  7. If I have a concern or question, I am responded to in a timely manner (within 24 hour period). YES (85%) NO (15%)
  8. TRIBE Goals: Students will work collaboratively and respectfully with all age groups. Students will be familiar with teachers of other grade levels. Common verbiage & lessons will be used throughout the campus for The Leader in Me. Leadership skills will be learned and applied through both planned and natural opportunities. Teachers will cooperatively plan activities unique for their tribe. Relationships between staff/staff, students/students, and students/staff will strengthen. Positive culture will continue on non-tribe days! I think these goals are important for my child's school. YES (100%) NO (0%)
  9. I think the Tribe Day is an effective way to meet the goals listed above. YES (97%) NO (3%)
  10. Our mission for the children and the staff is that we L.E.A.D: Learn each day. Empower others. Accept everyone. Develop your greatness. How are we doing? 4.58/5 stars
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