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January 2018

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Easy Math Games for home visits

The link below will give you a ton of ideas about using "dot cards" (think dice) and fingers to learn math concepts. We have been using these for about a year in our classrooms (Thank You Jeanie Cook) and we are AMAZED at what our kids can do with numbers. This is a great article below, full of fantastic easy to incorporate ideas.

Evening Families needing new homes....

We have had a part time person request to go full time per Kerry's invite at staff meeting. Jess Herman will now be full time and will be receiving Jen C's day families; this will leave her evening families up for grabs. Please take a look and see if you could squeeze one of her evening families in your caseload. Let me know if you can take one!

Thanks ladies!!

Curriculum Printing

When you log into the portal to print curriculum, please make sure you check out the information before you scroll to the curriculum link at the bottom. The first person to respond to this will get a surprise. Just send me a note saying you saw this. There is usually an update of some sort - currently there is a new printing platform they are rolling out and they continue to work out the 'kinks'.

"Connecting To A Resource"

From the Implementation Guide:

"Connect" is defined as giving detailed, customized information or a specific referral to parent(s), primary caregivers, or families about medical, dental, mental health, educational, social service, recreational, and enrichment resources int he community or suggesting that a specific assessment or community service could support the family in addressing an identified need or goal.

For more information about effective resource connections, refer to Connecting Families With Resources in the Foundational Training Guide.

PE Spotlight

Maureen Fischer Reed

Maureen says:

I mostly stay busy with my kiddos Charlie (5) and Lanie (2/12). Our family loves to travel and we will be going to D.C and Anna Maria Island in the next few months. I enjoy running and my goal is to complete a 10K this year and 1/2 marathon next year. In my free time I enjoy going out to eat with friends, going to baseball games and reading. :)

PE Spotlight

Wendy Schoen

Wendy says:

I grew up in Clarinda, Iowa and after graduating from UCM with a degree in Rehabilitation Psychology worked as a Vocational Evaluator with teens and adults with disabilities. I have additionally worked for Blue Springs Parents as Teachers for 10 years and as a Service Coordinator for Platte County. I have two great kiddos, Geren - 20 who will leave for Marine boot camp Feb 5th and Graceyn-16 who dances on the Blue Springs high school dance team and The Pointe Competition team. My fun fact is that both my kids can ride a unicycle.

PE Spotlight

Haley Howard

Hayley says:

Mom to two children, Kali (11 years old) and Braden (9 years old)

I like watching the Food Network and HGTV...and I LOVE chocolate!

Conscious Discipline Minute

Children's Trust Fund - Strong Parents, Stable Children

We had some great training on this provided by DESE last year. I found this information and thought it would be good for those that have not been exposed and a great refresher for those that have.

Upcoming Event

January 31- 4 to 6 Celebration for Jennifer Covinsky

February 14 - Staff Meeting

February 19 - No School (President's Day)

February 22 - Sensory Made Simple

February 23 - Mass Screening

March 1 - STEAM Night

March 2 - ASIRT Training

March 3 - Taste of Lee's Summit

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