Thomas Hancock Elementary

Parent Guide 2020

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Welcome to Thomas Hancock Elementary!

Thomas Hancock Elementary was established in 2016 in Pasadena ISD. We offer traditional classes as well as specialized classes such as Dual Language and Personalized Learning! We pride ourselves in providing an outstanding education for ALL students. We have created a structured, loving, and safe environment for our students, staff, and parents. In addition to our solid academic program, Thomas Hancock Elementary teaches children social and emotional skills and we provide a variety of extracurricular activities and family events!

We are excited to begin our 5th YEAR!

Facts about our school!

Established in August 2016

Mascot: Bruno the Bison

School colors: Royal blue, green and silver

Motto: Explore the possibilities!

Specialty programs:

Dual Language

Personalized Learning– 4th Grade

We are an AVID School!

Virtual and Face to Face Learning

7:40am 1st Bell

7:45am Tardy Bell

3:05pm Dismissal

VIRTUAL LEARNING- Everyone who selected VIRTUAL LEARNING on their survey will remain learning in the same way. Parents may change their learning format at the end of the nine weeks. The end of the nine weeks is October 9, 2020.

FACE TO FACE LEARNING- Everyone who selected FACE TO FACE learning will transition to Face to Face learning on Tuesday, September 8, 2020. Students may begin entering the building at 7:15am. We have been in contact with all parents who selected Face to Face learning on their survey.

Parents will have the opportunity to change their child's learning format after the first grading period ends, which is October 9, 2020. Thank you for your support and thank you for helping us all stay safe.

Back-To-School Safety Video: Part 1

Student Daily Schedules are provided by each teacher

  • Both virtual and face-to-face students will follow their class schedule.
  • Virtual learners, will find recorded lessons from all classes in the assigned platform. (PK-2nd Seesaw, 3rd-4th Google Classroom)
  • Virtual students will participate in instruction through zoom meetings or recorded lessons. Invitations and links will be posted on their learning platform.
  • Virtual students MUST participate daily in scheduled instruction and submit assignments daily.

Safety Precautions

  • All staff and students will wear a mask when entering the building. A face shield will be provided to students to wear during school and is to remain on campus.

  • Parents will not be allowed inside the building at this time. Any concerns must be handled by phone, e-mail, or virtual conference.

  • Each classroom has been carefully arranged respecting social distancing guidelines, and sanitation stations have been placed around the building.

  • Students should bring their own water bottle. Water fountains will be used to refill water bottles only.


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Masks/Face Coverings:

At this time, MASKS ARE REQUIRED for all students who return to school for face-to-face learning on Sept. 8, 2020. As the threat level evolves, our district leaders will update us on any changes.


All information relating to COVID procedures can be found in Dr. Powell’s Back 2 Class document on the district website.

School Nurse: Dinorah Elizondo-

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  • Sept 8- Breakfast will NOT be served.

  • Beginning Sept 9, breakfast will be served in the classroom free of charge for ALL students. 7:30am-7:45am. Students who arrive after 7:45am will not receive breakfast.

  • Lunch will be served in the cafeteria while maintaining social distancing expectations.
  • Students may bring lunch from home.
  • For safety reasons, food deliveries are not permitted.

  • Visitors will not be permitted.

  • CURBSIDE MEALS will be provided for students who are participating in Virtual Learning at select campuses.


Car Riders: There will only be one car line for drop off and pick up this school year. You will need to enter the parking lot through Minnesota Street.

For safety reasons, we will only offer curbside drop-off and pick-up.

  • A staff member will receive you at a cone
  • They will open your door.
  • Please make sure your child is able to exit/enter your vehicle through the passenger side without obstruction, so your child is not having to walk around cars.
  • Parents will receive a car tag with their child’s name on the first day of school at arrival in the drop off line.
  • Please attach the car tag to your passenger side window when picking up your child in the afternoon.

Due to safety concerns, only students who live in Sierra Vista Neighborhood and the Sterling Apartments may be walkers.
  • Our staff walks students to the crossing guard. Thank you for understanding that safety is our top priority.
  • An adult must be available to take students home at the cross walk.
  • We will continue to send walkers out in light rain. We will hold all walkers in the building during heavy rain or thunderstorms.

Bus Riders:
We have three buses. Students are loaded onto the school buses by our staff members. All students must abide by safety rules when riding the school bus. See bus routes below.

Daycare: Inform your teacher of the daycare your child attends.

Please inform teacher about dismissal plans (bus number, daycare, car rider, walker).

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BUS Information and Routes

Back-to-School Safety Video: Part 2 - Bus Transportation
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School Supplies

Students will be provided with essential school supplies and a transparent back pack.

  • Each student will receive a transparent backpack with essential school supplies provided by our corporate donor-Invesco Cares! This includes Face to Face AND Virtual students. More information to come soon!
  • Supplies provided at school will remain at school. Supplies you purchased at home will remain at home for virtual classes in case we need to pivot.

  • Students must bring their school device and charger to school. For the first day, please use a disposable bag to bring these items to school. We ask that you please double bag in order to protect the computer.

For additional School Supplies, visit this link on the Pasadena ISD web page.

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Learning Platforms

  • PK-2nd will use SEESAW
  • 3rd-4th will use GOOGLE CLASSROOM

Parent Videos:

Onboarding Parent Video: PK-2nd Seesaw

Onboarding Parent Video: 3-4 Google Classroom

If a student needs help after hours, they should email or message their teacher on the platform. The teacher will respond the next school day.

Parent and Teacher Communication

Parent and Teacher communication will be the same for students in face to face and virtual settings.

The following will be used for communication between TEACHER/STUDENT/PARENT:

  • Learning Platform (Seesaw and Google Classroom)
  • Email
  • Remind messaging
  • Skyward Messaging system

At this time, all parent conferences must be over the phone or through video conference. If these times do not work for you, please contact the school to see if other arrangements can be made.

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Grading Policies

Grading Policies will be the same for students in face to face and virtual settings

Prekindergarten, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade

  • Students will be assessed on mastery of specific skills and strategies utilizing informal assessments, written responses, and other performance activities.If a teacher/staff member asks for a reply to their email, students should immediately respond to the email.

3rd Grade

  • Teachers will use a traditional academic grading scale to assess each student’s mastery of the student’s expectations on any instructional assignment or assessment.

4th Grade

  • We are a Personalized Learning School and utilize the grading standard set by our district.

Special Education, 504, Bilingual, Gifted & Talented Support:

  • Both virtual and face-to-face learners who are scheduled to receive support and/oraccommodations, as outlined in the student’s individual plan. If you have questions regarding your student’s accommodations, please contact us.
  • ARD, 504, and other required meetings will all be held virtually.

School Attendance Laws

Laws apply to both face-to-face and virtual learners. Therefore, ALL students are required to be present at school every day.


Attendance will be measured by student’s daily progress via teacher-students interaction, and/or by completing daily assignments.

Skyward/Family Access:

Skyward Family Access allows parents, guardians and students to view and manage various information including a student’s attendance records, calendars, graduation plans/requirements, schedules, gradebooks, online assignments, grading and report cards.

Skyward Family Access Login

Need help with Skyward? Visit the Skyward Support Page.

Discipline Procedures:

For a complete description Pasadena ISD Discipline procedures, please refer to the district code of conduct.

NOTE: Inappropriate behaviors during virtual learning time will still result in student consequences, per the Pasadena ISD Student Code of Conduct. Inappropriate behaviors include but are not limited to cyberbullying, inappropriate use of electronic devices, inappropriate comments, etc. Discipline consequences could result in loss of district computer privileges.

Student Computer Issues:

WiFi/Internet Access:

If your child does not have internet access, please call us at 713-740-5430or email a Thomas Hancock administrator at

Broken/Malfunctioning Computer: Call our school at 713-740-5430 if you are having difficulty with your child's computer.

  • Microphone, speaker, or camera not working
  • Device won’t turn on
  • Device is unable to connect to WiFi
  • Cracked screen
  • Blue screen
  • Charging cable missing/broken

Thomas Hancock Elementary

Principal: Veronica Sandoval

Asst. Principal: Catalina Garza

Counselor: Stacey Gomez

Parent Coordinator: Genesis Bautista

Executive Secretary: Rocio Ochoa