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High Levels of Learning for All!

What's Happening?

Lots going on these last couple of weeks before break. Now, more than ever, I will need your support on keeping your child focused on continuing to do their best at school. We are all excited about the upcoming break and it is not uncommon to lose focus on work and behavior. I will attempt (things may change) to provide a brief rundown of what these next few weeks will look like. If things change, I will do my best to let you know.

Reading: We will be continuing to work on developing vocabulary. We are also working on author's purpose for writing. The students will need to have 10 books added to their book tower to meet their AR goal for 2nd quarter.

Writing/Grammar: We will continue to work on our noun project. I will enclose a link to the project at the end of the newsletter. The students work on this during class, and I do quick checks for understanding throughout. We will begin working on our persuasive/opinion writing piece. We will pre-test (have them write a persuasive piece without any instruction) to show us what we need to focus on with our instruction. More than likely, we will continue this after the break.

Spelling: We will have our test this week on compound words (I will attach the list). Since I was absent Monday, there is no extra activity for spelling. They will just focus on their list. We will have a list next week. If my cohorts decide otherwise, I will let you know.

Math: We will begin Unit 5 which works on multiplication and division of multi-digit numbers. We will not finish this before break. We will get as far as we can, then review when we come back in January. I will show your child multiple ways to solve the problems. However, the student is ALWAYS able to use the method that works best for them.

Science/Social Studies: We will be finishing up our electricity unit. Instead of starting

a new science unit, we will focus on social studies. We will be learning about Missouri history for the rest of our social studies units. We will focus on early explorers, early french trappers/traders, Native Americans, Louisiana Purchase, and Lewis & Clark expedition. This should take us through the month of January.

As always, we will continue working on reading skills through small group instruction. I NEED YOUR HELP! Please make sure your child is reading every night. As with anything, the more they practice reading, the better they will get. Also, please make sure your child is completing their homework. This can be a stressful time of the year because 2nd quarter ends the day before break. I will be checking to make sure your child has all their required work completed. If they are not being responsible learners and getting their work done, they will be behind. No one wants that.

I know this is a lengthy newsletter, but I wanted to give you you all the information I felt you may need.

Welcome Miss Lindsey Dennis!

Today I had the opportunity to meet our student teacher from Westminster College. She is eager to start and will join us on January 5th. I am excited because it will provide an increased opportunity for each child to receive individualized instruction to meet their needs. She will be sending a letter home, with the students, sometime next week.