3rd Grade Newsletter

October 19, 2015

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to build a positive learning environment where all students are successful.

Our vision is to have a positive and supportive community of successful learners.

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Upcoming Dates and Events

Picture Retakes: October 20th

Friday Morning Live: October 23rd

Gary Burns Fun Run: October 24th

Storybook Pumpkin Contest due: October 26th

Pink Out Day: October 28th

Opera: October 29th

Report Cards: October 29th

Yearbook Cover Due: November 6th

Community Parade: November 7th

Thanksgiving Break: November 23-27

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This week students will be determining the number of objects in each group when a set of objects is partitioned into equal shares or a set of objects is shared equally.


Students will observe forces such as magnetism and gravity acting on objects.


The students will be identifying text features in a nonfiction text.


The students will continue to use the Writing Process to complete their personal narrative pieces.

Spelling Words

seen, song, size, wait, world, screen, sweep, scoop, joyful, truthful, brunch, munch

Challenge Words: crunch, hunch, proof, bamboo

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