Find Out Why Monarchy Is Bad

Why is Monarchy Bad!

Monarchy is bad because of the lack of leadership from the king or queen. If it is actually a Monarchy then let the king or queen take the power. It is more like an Oligarchy because of the group of government leaders. If the country really thinks it is a Monarchy then let the king or queen take the lead. I think it is just to much disorganization for me. That is why I think MONARCHY IS BAD!

What Power Does The Leader Have?

In Monarchy a long time ago the king or queen used to have all the power. Now they just have small leadership roles. The government takes over by making laws and other things that take a huge part. It is more like an oligarchy now because only a group of people have control. This is because the government has control of almost everything. So you tell me, what power does the leader have?

What Rights Do Citizens Have?

Citizens have some rights and responsibilities like all of us, but the right to vote isn't there. In England, Queen Elizabeth is the leader. When she dies or gives up the throne her son, Prince William, will take it. The throne gets passed down throughout the family. So even if the citizens vote it wouldn't do anything.

Some Of The Monarchies In The World