The first 10 amendments

1st Amendment : Freedome of speetch, Religion, assimble,and freedome of press.

The freedome of speech allows you to talk about things as long as the dont hurt someones good name. Freedome of religion allows you to worshiup any god you choose. Freedome of assemble allows you to assemble when you are wanting something. Freedome of press allows you to put your word in the paper as long as it is true or factual.

2nd Amendment : The Right to Bear Arms

this amendment allows you to own a gun. I t also allow you to use your gun when harmed or threatend.

3rd Amendment : Quartering of soldiers

No soldier would be put into ones home with out permishion of home owner.

4th Amendment : Search and Seizier

Protection againts unreasonable search and seizer without a warent.

5th Amendment : Right To a Jury

You have the right to have more people come and whitness your trial.

6th Amendment : Right to a speedy trial

You will not have a huge, long trial for steeling a toothbrush. You will have a fast trial.

7th Amendment : Trial by Jury

You have to power to convince the jury and the judge that you are inisent

8th Amendment : No crule or unusual punishment

If you kill someone you will not be out in jail for 2 months but you also wont be put in jail for 102 years. The punishment must be reasonable with the crime.

9th Amendment : People Rights

This amendment gives rights to the people in each state.

10th Amendment : powers not deligated to the state or the people

These are the powers that the government make for the states to give to the people.