4th Grade Newsletter

January 23-February 3

Integrated Core

Last week we began our second reading pilot: Benchmark Advance. The students (AND teachers) are really enjoying it so far! We hope your child shared some of the interesting things they have learned so far about Technology for a Green Future. If not, please ask them to share!

This week in writing we will be reading a non-fiction text and then students will write an opinion paragraph based on facts they read. They will cite evidence and give reasons based on the text. We practiced this last week and the students did a great job. Students had to decide if the town of Hopeville (a fictitious town in a newspaper article we read) should choose to build a solar power plant or a natural gas power plant and give reasons to support their choice. Ask your child which power plant they voted for and why!


For the next two weeks we will work on the following topics:

Adding Fractions with like denominators

Subtracting Fractions with like denominators

Adding and Subtracting on a Number Line

Improper Fractions with Mixed Numbers

Adding Mixed Numbers

Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Decomposing and Composing Numbers


Candygrams have made a comeback! We took a year off, but they were such a hit with the students and staff that we just couldn't pass them up this year! Plus, they are a big fundraiser for Horizon City, which 4th grade hosts in the Spring as our ETC event. 4th graders are in charge of filling and delivering the orders. They are so excited to help out this year! The flyers/order forms will go out on January 30th so keep your eyes out for that. I'm sure your little Valentines would love to receive one from you! :) Thank you in advance for your support. We hope this will keep us from having to ask for donations when Horizon City rolls around in a few months.

Candygram options!

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Important Dates:

Jan. 27th- Western Day

Jan. 30th- Candygram sales begin!

Jan. 30th- Kindest Kansas Citian Contest forms due

Feb. 1st- Horizon Skate Night

Feb. 3rd- Topic 12 Test

Feb. 9th- Candygram orders due!!!!

Feb. 14th- Valentine's Day! Class Party at 3:00 & Candygram orders handed out

Feb. 15-16th- Parent Teacher Conferences

Feb. 16-20th-No School

Feb. 21-School Resumes