"Will You Accept this Rose?"

a Tech Challenge for the Fun-at-Heart

The Challenge:

Perform tasks to earn 10 roses. You may also earn “first impression” roses for activities that go above and beyond (creative/critical thinking). Once 10 roses are earned, turn them into me. 10 roses = duty free lunch (I will cover) and .5 CEU technology credit hours.

This activity will end on January 30, 2015.

All evidence must be submitted on or prior to this date. If tasks are not completed by then, you will not receive the final rose (complete CEU credit). And as the show would say...and I quote... "take a few minutes to say your final good-byes" to those credits.

Task 1 (worth 1 rose):

Complete a task that requires the use of QR codes. Examples may include research, self-checking, vocabulary, etc. You may use QR codes that have been downloaded from any site or borrow from a fellow teacher if you prefer.

Evidence: Email me a picture of students completing the task.

Task 2 (worth 3 roses):

Create a center that includes the use of QR codes. Create the QR codes yourself using any QR Code generator site.

Evidence: Have a student create a video using the Camera app on the iPad summarizing the activity and what they learned.

Task 3 (worth 1 rose):

Set up an account on Educreations. Provide your students the code and have them join your class.

Evidence: Email me a screenshot of a list of students who have successfully joined from your class.

Task 4 (worth 3 roses):

Post a teacher-created tutorial on Educreations demonstrating any curricular concept. Show your students how to access the tutorial on the iPad.

Evidence: Use your iPad to shoot a short video showing a group using your tutorial. Email the video to me.

Task 5 (worth 2 roses):

Use Gaggle or Discovery Ed to search for videos that correlate with a unit you are teaching. Email your students the links to at least 2 videos in Gaggle or assign 2 videos for your class to view in DE. Have students watch the videos from the iPad or from a desktop.

Evidence: Tweet a picture of students individually using these sites. Add the hashtag #iwantaroseplease and include my Twitter handle @SESComputerLab in the tweet.

Task 6 (worth 3 roses):

Create a folder in the Gaggle Digital Locker. Share your folder with your students. Create an activity students can complete using resources you have placed in the folder.

Evidence: Email me a summary of the activity along with a screenshot of the resources placed in the digital locker.

Task 7 (worth 4 roses):

Allow students to use iMovie to demonstrate their understanding of any concept learned in the classroom. Students should include videos they have created OR pictures with voice-over.

Evidence: Have at least 2 students send me their video by attaching it to a Gaggle email.

Task 8 (worth 1 rose):

Use an app of your choice to use with your students. Allow students to create a project for any curricular area.

Evidence: Have 2 students personally show me their project.

Task 9 (worth 3 roses):

Try “App-Smashing”. Somehow integrate 2 or more different apps to create a project.

Evidence: Present (via camera app video) at least 2 student projects and explain the student requirements. Email me the video.

Task 10 (worth 5 roses):

Use Aurasma (augmented reality) to create a center activity. Include a list of student instructions that will be/were posted in the center.

Evidence: Be sure to include the trigger image and access to your channel so that I can view the activity.

Task 11 (worth 3 roses):

Use a Builder Tool in Discovery Ed to create an assignment, quiz or writing prompt for students to complete. Assign the task to students.

Evidence: Tweet a picture of students completing the task with a description of the activity. Add the hashtag #iwantaroseplease and include my Twitter handle @SESComputerLab in the tweet.

Task 12 (worth 2 roses):

Use Google Docs or Google Forms to have students complete a curricular task.

Evidence: After completion, provide me the share link so that I can view the results.

Task 13 (worth 1 rose):

Use TodaysMeet to gather information from students...survey students, exit slip, to get real-time help from you.

Evidence: Email me a PDF of the conversation.

Task 14 (worth 1 rose):

Participate in a RSS Twitter Chat. Post at least 3 tweets pertaining to the subject of the chat.

Evidence: Include my Twitter handle @SESComputerLab in the tweet.