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Week of February 16-19, 2016

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Upcoming Events

Monday Feb. 15

No School

Tuesday Feb. 16 D Day

9:30 4th grade PLC

Wednesday Feb. 17 E Day

8:30-9:30 Trisha at New Principals Meeting

12:30 2nd Grade PLC

1:30 5th grade PLC

2:30 1st Grade PLC

4:00 BLT Meeting

Thursday Feb. 18 A Day

9:00-12:00 Trisha at Elementary Principals

2:30 Kindergarten PLC

Friday Feb. 19 B Day

Happy Birthday Chris!

Collaboration Meeting Day (SIT)

10:30 3rd Grade PLC

BRAG band rewards

Spirit Day: Twin Day

Next Week:

Monday Feb. 22 C Day

Tuesday Feb. 23 D Day

5th Grade Field Trip

Wednesday Feb. 24 E Day

5th Grade Field Trip

3:30 Student Council

Thursday Feb. 25 A Day

1:00-6:00 Kindergarten Round Up

Happy Birthday, Kelly!

Friday Feb. 26 B Day

Collaboration Team Meeting Day

Top 10 things we wish Kindergartners knew...

With Kindergarten round up right around the corner, I read this and had to laugh. Hope you all realize how truly far your students have come from their first day through those doors in August. Keep celebrating those small and big successes.

9 ways to be a positive communicator by Jon Gordon

1. Shout Praise, Whisper Criticism

2. Smile more

3. Don't complain--when you complain you lose power, effectiveness and credibility as a communicator and as a leader.

4. Encourage--"How do you know if a man or woman needs encouragement? If they are breathing." We all need encouragement and positive communicators.

5. Spread Positive Gossip--be someone who spreads the positive news about people--"did you hear how awesome so and so is doing? Their kids are doing great!"

6, Sometimes you have to listen more and talk less.

7. Welcome feedback

8. Celebrate Success

9. Give high fives, handshakes, pats on the back, fist bumps and hugs.

Read Across America, March 2--Repeat Information

he Reading Committee has been brainstorming some ideas that we could do this week. It is coming up fast, but I just wanted to let you know our ideas. More details to come.

  • classroom door decoration contest
  • dress like your favorite book character on March 2nd.
  • All school read-in
  • Students take pictures of themselves reading their favorite Dr. Seuss book and we will post these on the bulletin boards across from the cafeteria for each grade level.
  • Lunchroom estimation jar full of cheeseballs and decorated like the Lorax.

Can't wait for the fun week!

Testing Tickets

These will be placed in your box today or tomorrow. Remember these tickets will be used for all tests. We will be given daily access codes each day. I will send those to you as soon as I get them if you are testing that day.

Testing Schedule is located on the t:drive/ assessment information 2015-2016

Have a great week!