From Cow to Ice Cream

By: Jade Thaker 3AC


Have you ever wonder how ice cream is made?Ice cream goes from cows to ice cream in the following ways.


The first step to making ice cream is going to the farm and milking the cows. Tanker trucks that carry milk must be kept very clean.That helps keep the milk safe to drink. Then it is shipped to the factory.


The second step in the process of making ice cream is mixing the milk and sugar. The milk mixs into the ingeaineuts. The ingeaineuts goes through poles. And flavors get mix in the ingeaineuts. Then they put the ice cream in containers. Then it is shipped to the stores


The third step of making ice cream is store. Many people buy ice cream to have for dresst. People also purchase ice cream to keep it cool when it's hot.

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts for ice cream. 1 people check machines if they work properly. 2 The most popular ice cream flavor was... vaillia!


This was the process of making ice cream from milk.Now that i know how my product is made, I may try to make it myself. How many ice cream's would you eat in one day?
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