Cardinal Connections

October 19, 2020

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Video only for our Remote Students. This does not apply to our CVVA students.

Meeting with Wright, Niyoka 1

Clinton Valley Important Dates

Lunchroom Procedures

Clinton Valley Lunchroom

Message from Becky Koch

Parent Donation

Reminder: Parents are not allowed to send in donated items, edible, and non-edible to the class.

Message from Monica Weaver - Sent to Parents

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Halloween Parties at CVE - 2020

Halloween for CVE this Year!

October 16, 2020

Dear CVE Families,

We will be celebrating Halloween on Friday, October 23rd, for the “B” students and Friday, October 30th, for the “A” students, which are also half days of school with dismissal at 11:55. We will not have a Halloween parade this year, but each classroom will celebrate in their classrooms. Unfortunately, NO volunteers will be allowed ☹.

PTO will be providing an individual wrapped bag of treats (peanut-free, gluten, and dairy-free) for each student...our CVVA friends too. On Monday, October 26, a pick-up of curriculum materials and Halloween goodies are being planned. More about that excitement from your CVVA/Clinton Valley teacher. NO goodies/treats from home allowed. The bag of PTO goodies will be quarantined for 48 hours before distribution.

Please remember that costumes should be of a non-violent, friendly theme. Absolutely NO masks (except for the required facial coverings…perhaps be creative with that ‘mask’?) OR knives, weapons, blood, heavy make-up, etc. A great deal of effort is put forth at Clinton Valley to teach children to deal with problems in a non-violent way and remembering our “Cardinal Pledge” of respect, responsibility, safety, and kindness. Please help your child plan a costume appropriate for school. Students should wear their costumes to school because it is a half-day of school. There will be no need to change during the school day.

Thank you again for your continued support, cooperation, and fun too!!!

Halloween Bags Coming!

We have received funding for Halloween Bag Donations from PTO. This will help us give every student in CVE a Halloween Bag full of treats on Oct. 23rd & Oct. 30th.

Thank you, PTO!

Parent Teacher Conferences - 10/21 & 10/22

Parent-Teacher Conference will be held on October 21st and 22nd. Teachers have provided their Teams Link, to me, so you will find it below. They have also shared it with you on their Schoology page. Please make sure to log into your student's Schoology account to access the link.

Lifetouch Coming Soon!

Lifetouch + Shutterfly Fall 2020 Photography

Picture Day Safety - What it will look like this year

Picture Day Safety | Lifetouch

Transportation Information for Students

Pupil Transportation Information

Click on the button and follow the directions above to get route information for the students

Positivity Project Quotes

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SACC - Families

Hello SACC parents!

Please note that registration for the CVE SACC program is now available online. The registration fee is $20 per child and the hourly rate is now $5 per hour. Please be as specific as possible with your students SACC schedule as we will be closely monitoring ratios at this time.

There may be need for a waitlist if a section is full. Parents will be entering the building only to sign in their students at the SACC doors and student temperatures will be taken at that time. MASKS ARE REQUIRED for entry.

As always, if you have an outstanding balance from last school year, that must be paid in full in order to gain access to the program.

The SACC program will begin at CVE Monday 10/26/20. Please contact Becky Koch at with any questions or concerns.

Registration Link

Click on the button to register your student in our SACC program

Registration Help Sheet

Click on the button to access the Registration Help Sheet.

Message from Sarah Monnier-White

Good morning everyone,

We’ve had a lot happening in technology and many of you have had questions, so I thought I would send you some updates.

  • The Board of Education approved the purchase of 3,000 laptops to help families during remote learning back in September. Those have started to arrive, but they need to be tagged, inventoried, and imaged. It will still be a few weeks before we can get them out to families.
    • When those computers are ready for checkout we will distribute those centrally to people who are on the original laptop list or the wait list.
    • Families who may need laptops but never requested one can still add their name at

      CVS Computer Checkout Waitlist Survey

      Web survey powered by Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates.

    • We receive additional requests daily, it is unlikely that these 3,000 will cover every request at this time.
    • For families in emergency situations, we continue to refurbish and distribute old teacher laptops. If you have a family that needs to be prioritized, please send their name and contact information to Joan Peirce who has been helping us make this happen.

  • On September 21st, the Board of Education voted to begin a 1:1 computer program. Today we ordered an additional 9,300 laptops that will arrive in your buildings in the next 4-7 weeks. They will be taken to your media center when delivered. Don’t worry, we will keep you up to date on shipping details when they are available.

  • Students will begin retuning to classrooms next week. Staff will need to be prepared for less student computer access than they are used to. Almost every laptop district-wide has been checked out to students for remote learning. During hybrid learning classrooms should not count on access to laptops.
    • Student checkout laptops do not work onsite. There s a long technical explanation, but just trust me for now.
    • We will not be collecting the checkout laptops at this time. Most students will still need them for at home days on the hybrid schedule. And there are a lot of unknowns – if a student is quarantined, if a building has to close – it just seems best to have students hang onto those laptops for the foreseeable future.
    • Building labs will be available, but keep in mind that keyboards, mice, and desks will need to be cleaned between groups if they are utilized.

  • Going 1:1 will take time. We have several infrastructure and filtering issues to work through – not to mention just organizing and prepping nearly 10,000 new laptops! Delivery for the laptops is required for mid-December for funding, but they will not be ready to be distributed for some time after the delivery.
    • Once everything is ready for our official 1:1 implementation there will need to be a collection of current laptops, reimaging / updating, and redistributing.
    • Our older laptop carts will be redistributed to K-1 classrooms district wide. Those students will not use a nightly take home model for their 1:1, but there will be a computer available for every student for class activities, something the teacher may ask them to work on at home, or an emergency closure. We feel we can maintain these computers for a long time in these circumstances.
    • Our newer laptops – those that were purchased for middle school last year as well as the 12,000 purchased this year – will be distributed to students grades 2-12.
    • We do not know exactly how that is going to happen yet. Much will be determined by the health situation which continues to evolve.

We appreciate your flexibility and patience. It has been an eventful year for all of us – and your support working with teachers and families to help with remote learning is much appreciated!

CVS Back-to-School Updates for Families

Link includes access to recordings of Board Meetings

CVS Return to School Guidelines

These guidelines were developed with the guidance of the Macomb County Health Department. Our plan is based on these parameters.

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