Roman Empire and the Roman Republic

What different reforms were made to make a fair government?

Rome Overview

Romulus and Remus fought for control of the land. After Romulus won he named the land Rome after him. Rome was a rich civilization. It had a lot of land. It had many different groups of people. Each group had different jobs. The Roman's built many great things like aqueducts. There were games played like chariot races. There were to main classes in Rome.


Government is a group of people who inforce laws and try to make things fair for their citizens. People who are apart of government try to keep you safe and live in a good invironment. Government's keep things organized and keep people out of chaos. Government's need to make changes and reforms because they need to know how to make their government better and more sufficient.

Introduction to Rome's Government's Reforms

The Roman Republic was a very fair form of government. Everyone had a little bit of power, and no one had absolute power. In the Roman Republic there was a separation of powers. They had three branches of government, the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch. People also voted for consuls, consuls were people who use to lead their government. The Roman Republic also had been dived into to main classes the plebeians and patricians. The Roman Republic also had checks and balances and written laws. This was the Roman Republics government.

The Roman Empire was a unfair government. The Roman Empire had and emperor named Octavian also know as Augustus Caesar. Augustus became Emperor after the Senate had killed his uncle in 44 B.C.E. After Octavian's uncles's death the Roman Republic had started a civil war. Augustus had won and became the Emperor of the Roman Empire and taken absolute power over the people. He drew up new laws, controlled the army, he chose new consuls, and picked the senators. He completely took over Rome.