Welcome to our Origami Owl Team!

Your journey as an Independent Designer is about to Begin!

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Team Libby Johnson (Illuminati) Welcomes YOU!

Hello and Welcome! My name is Libby Johnson and I am currently a Director with Origami Owl. I live in the the most amazing small town in Central Idaho. I have been an Origami Owl Designer since 2012 and I am one of your "upline" leaders. Your Mentor, who introduced you to Origami Owl, is one of our amazing downline Designers/Leaders! Together we make up a this TEAM and together we will help you build a successful business!

In Direct Sales we use the terms Upline and a SuccessLine (Downline) constantly. Your Upline consists of your mentor, their mentor and your Upline Leaders . Your Successline consists of Designers you brought in, everyone they brought in and so on.

Here are our Team's Directors & Executive Team Leaders:
Francesca Pappagallo - Director
Jill Snowden - Director
Libby Johnson - Director
Stacey Fox - Executive Team Leader
Carolyn Maykut - Executive Team Leader

Here is a listing of our Team's Upline Leaders:
Kim Sweithsal - Director
Michelle Freatman - Senior Director
Lisa Vining - Senior Director
Leslie Rhoads - Senior Director
Heidi Russell - Direct to Corporate

Team Illuminati: My definition of Illuminati is that we are "Enlightened Owls". I think of our Team as a group of Enlightened Ladies (and Gents)......all making a wise choice to join the Origami Owl business.

Origami Owl Mission

Our Mission is to be a Force For Good; to Love, Inspire & Motivate people of all ages to reach their Dreams & Empower them to make a difference in the lives of others